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How Can I Buy Ripple?

In today's quick emerging world of cryptocurrencies, Ripple a popular category of altcoins has made a name for itself. However, some interesting fact and factors that lead some financial institutions and analysts to predict a strong future for Ripple - it is intended to increase the global liquidity of money, allowing the currency to transfer around the world while maintaining a complete record with very low fees.

However, the innovative technology behind these achievements has encouraged Ripple to gain its value in recent years. So, the challenge here is - how does one go about buying Ripple, then? Similar to other cryptocurrencies, Ripple is accessible on numerous different exchanges. As per Ripple website, they have introduced some exchanges - how to go about purchasing XRP, Ripple cryptocurrency token

Buy on Bitstamp

Bitstamp offers trading pairs such as XRP/EUR, XRP/USD, and XRP/BTC. In order to buy XRP on this exchange, there is a need of creating and verifying an account with Bitstamp.

Open an account and follow instructions on Bitstamp website to authorize your registered email address. As soon as the account is activated, log in and follow instructions to secure and verify the account. Further, using the "Deposit" link, deposit funds within the main page of the account. You’ll get a notification from the exchange, as soon as the funds have been credited to your Bitstamp account. By choosing the correct market for your currency and finalizing an order in the main account, you can eventually purchase XRP on Bitstamp.

Buy on Kraken

You can also buy XRP on Kraken - A cryptocurrency exchange. The process beings – Signing up an account on Kraken. Log In by following instructions. Further, deposit funds into your account. However, to buy XRP on Kraken, initially, you have to buy XBT. Using the XRP/XBT currency pair, buy XBT, and then place another order. Eventually, you`ll be able to complete your transaction for XRP.

Buy on GateHub

Along with other exchanges on this list, GateHub also offers an opportunity to buy XRP. You can initiate the process here by - visiting the GateHub website and signing up for an account. Collection your recovery key and verify your account by confirming through email - as instructed. Furthermore, verify your identity before conducting any transactions. However, you need to connect a gateway in order to deposit funds and once you deposit funds, you'll be able to buy XRP on the "Exchange" page.



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