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Privacy Policy

Read and understand this privacy policy carefully. Our Privacy Policy is subject to and governed by the Applancer Terms (“T&C”). This privacy policy only covers the Applancer Blockchain Site.

Personal Information

Users need to provide personal information when posting comments to articles on, while registering for a conference, like Consensus or Construct, or when purchasing research on Personal information collected from comments posting includes e-mail address and screen name only. Personal information collected in connection with registering for our discussions, selling research information and subscribing to our newsletters may include name, employer, employer address, email address and phone number. Credit and debit card data submitted in connection with buying research and conference registration is administered by third-party vendors which is not shared with Applancer.

Information Gathered

Only two types of date we gather from our users: personal information and tracking information.

Tracking Information

Tracking information is automatically collected about all visitors to the Applancer Sites. Using cookies, information entails for both individual and aggregated tracking information is gathered automatically. A cookie is a small data file containing data, such as a user's login name, that is inscribed to the user's hard drive by a web server and used to monitor the pages visited. With the Consensus and Construct conferences, the mobile application used in connection is operated by a third party, and such third party may use cookies or other tracking technology in connection with operation of the application.

We use cookies to:

We may also employ technology that is commonly referred to as "action tags" (also known as "web beacons," "scripts" or "one pixel .gif files") to measure the effectiveness of our advertisements.

Furthermore, Applancer agents, advertisers and third-party advertising vendors that serve ads onto the Applancer Sites, and other third party partners, may use their own or third-party cookies or other tracking technologies for advertising, such as delivering targeted advertisements and marketing messages (known as Internet-based advertising or “IBA”) based upon the websites you visit, or other purposes. By showing you advertisements that depend on the type of content, you access or read. This is how IBA works. Let`s put an example - as you browse our website, one of the cookies placed on your device will be an advertising cookie so we can better understand what sort of pages or content you are interested in. The statistics collected about your device allows us to group you with other devices - showing similar interests. We can then display advertising to categories of users that is based on common interests.

You have the access to control your browser's settings regarding cookies by selecting "Internet Options" or "Preferences" in the menu bar of your browser. It allows you to preclude your browser from agreeable new cookies, does the browser inform you when receive a new cookie, or disable cookies completely. However, for the reason cookies enable you to navigate more easily web sites, you can choose to leave them turned on. If you are retrieving the internet from alternative method, like mobile application or third-party content distribution service, you comprehend that you aren’t allowed to disable cookies, based on the specific access method.

If you want to opt out of receiving interest-based advertising, this never mean that you will no longer obtain advertising while using our website. Instead, it means - we will not use gathered information about you for IBA and that any advertising you see will not be personalized or relevant to you.

Make sure, you may again need to opt out - if you delete cookies, use a different device, or change web browsers.

Identifier are installed in Mobile devices in order to give companies the ability to serve targeted ads to a specific mobile device. You are allowed to turn off your mobile device ad tracking or you rearrange the advertising identifier within your mobile device privacy settings anytime. Also, you can select to turn off position tracking on your mobile device. In case, you turn off ad tracking or location tracking, we no longer use information collected from your device’s advertising identifier for the determination of advertising. Still, the same number of ads will appear which is less relevant because they will not be based on your interests.

We don`t take any responsible - for the privacy policies or practices of third party advertisers and vendors. In addition, third party advertising retailers, including Google, show our ads on sites on the Internet.