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EOS Price Reaches for $7 While Other Markets Retrace Once Again

Mar 24, 2018

Cryptocurrency market gained momentum yesterday but soon evaporated byt EOS price rose to 11.41...

Cryptocurrency Leaps a Step Closer to Mainstream Adoption as Leading Cryptocurrency Platform Reached Consensus with US tax Authority

Mar 23, 2018

Coinbase, the world’s leading cryptocurrency platform and wallet has added new tax features for its customers. The features including a tax calculator are aimed to simplify the complex process of paying tax on gains made on cryptocurrencies in the ..

The saga of The Nikkei reports, Japan, Binance and twitter FUD cry!

Mar 23, 2018

Nikkei reports made claims that Japan will soon issue warning for Binance, but Binance has a different story to tell. Know how the twitter reacted to it!..

A Detail Look into Cryptocurrency Forks and Why They Take Place

Mar 22, 2018

We have witnessed many unique Forks occurring in cryptocurrency main network. Bitcoin and Ethereum for Example have had a series of Forks that has led to the split of the two Cryptocurrencies into Numerous altcoins like, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, E..

NEM declares Not to track the Stolen Bitcoins from Coincheck

Mar 22, 2018

What came as a surprise to the world of cryptocurrencies was the news when NEM declared that it will no longer be tracking the stolen bitcoins from Coincheck several weeks ago, giving no clear explanation for this step. ..

9 Must Have Tips for Securing your Crypto Wallet

Mar 22, 2018

The best security provider of your wallets is you.Nearly every day there is a report of someone losing their access to their crypto-coins because of some illegal activities against them...

US State Exempts Cryptocurrencies From Property Taxes

Mar 21, 2018

The USA known for its fierce and bold decisions has come up with new measures to nurture cryptocurrencies. ..

Why Banks Are Finally Talking Crypto In Filings?

Mar 21, 2018

It’s like a daily topic that you hear of someone virtual coins got stolen, someone hacked them, someone got scammed. Whatever the reasons are it's very abhorrent to lose your investment in a silly way...

Ripple's Token (XRP) and Infinity Economics Token (XIN) Has Been Added to Major Polish Crypto Exchange

Mar 21, 2018

Polish cryptocurrency exchange Bitbay has decided to add XRP and XIN in the support list to fulfill their needs and realities..

Cryptocurrencies gets its new supporter, Israel to encourage cryptocurrencies

Mar 21, 2018

After provisionally restricting the sale of cryptocurrencies, Israel is now supporting cryptocurrencies. To empower the startups and blockchain technology, Israel is now in the favour of cryptocurrencies..

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