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Let Bet ICO

"The Future Of Online Gambling"

LetBet is set to create a revolution in the field of online gambling. By creating a blockchain-powered gambling platform that is trustless, borderless, fast, secure and transparent, we are giving back the power in the hands of the players. No more will the “house” have the undue advantage in gambling and no more will players be at the mercy of the game provider. With games written in Smart Contract, there is no chance of game rigging and no undue influence on game outcomes.

To achieve this, we are creating a brand new blockchain. The LBT blockchain will be fast, transparent and will not charge any fees for any kinds of transactions. It will support Smart Contracts that will be used to create our games. But the best part is that our blockchain is not limited to online gambling, it can be used for many other purposes. It is, like all other blockchains, a completely open source, free and secure hyperledger that can be used to host a variety of other products.

While LetBet is a unique and exclusive gambling platform created by us for players, we invite bookmakers to join us to build their own gambling systems. Developers can host their games on the platform.

We have envisaged LetBet as not just a platform for betting on games, but as a complete ecosystem that has games to play and bet on as well as an open platform for many stakeholders to come and leverage the immense possibilities and opportunities of our brand new blockchain.

We have an envious team of passionate developers and engineers who have amassed a wealth of experience and expertise working for some of the best companies in the world. Our advisors hold experience in the gaming and gambling industry and are competent in understanding and guiding the way through the maze of complex regulations that surround the gambling world.