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Cryptopay ICO

"Central entry point to a decentralised world"

As the popularity and mainstream acceptance of blockchain and digital assets increase,
traditional investors have been looking for more exposure to these digital assets and blockchain
based technologies. However, many things can be “lost in translation” when it comes to
integrating the digital currency world and the world of traditional finances. Providing a
seamless exchange between crypto and conventional assets is the underlying philosophy
behind Cryptopay expansion and Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The key features of the ICO are:

Bitcoin Brokerage Accounts:
Our focus is to provide traditional financial services to the digital currencies
community in a secure and compliant way. Users of our brokerage accounts platform will be able to seamlessly move their wealth from digital currencies to traditional assets.

Current Accounts:
A legitimate bank account with an IBAN attached
to it and the account will be in the name of the customer. Bank through an institution created within the cryptocurrency world, while eliminating the headache of dealing with traditional banks.

P2P Platform:
A regulated and protected marketplace where users can launch their own ICOs, without sacrificing the decentralisation promoted by blockchain technology.