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You Can Now Pay Any Bill Online Up to $300 With Bitcoin or Ethereum

Oct 07, 2017 Posted /  8005 Views

You Can Now Pay Any Bill Online Up to $300 With Bitcoin or Ethereum

The mass acceptance of Bitcoin continues as a brand new cryptocurrency application Welto has simply integrated with Coinbase, currently permitting users to pay ANY of their bills with Bitcoin or Ethereum up to $300 in real time with no exchange into decree necessary.

Welto will be put in on Amazon’s Alexa, yet as on your smartphone!

Through Coinbase, Welto can permit you to pay any of your bills travel among the $5 to $300 vary with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and shortly to be more altcoins.

Best of all, you are doing not have to be compelled to worry regarding exchanging your cryptocurrency into the paper money necessary to pay the bill. Welto takes care of that, mechanically changing your cryptocurrency balance to a base currency and displaying the number you own.

You will be ready to schedule and track your monthly payments, that area unit processed right away with no delay of three to five business days. Once processed, you may receive confirmation.

You can even connect your Bitcoin, Ether or different cryptocurrency accounts, no matter that exchange they're hooked up to.

If a client doesn’t have Coinbase-wallet, we have a tendency to permit pay from another billfold with Coinbase-friendly QRcode.”

“We area unit building the system that may permit our customers to pay their cryptocurrency on real merchandise and services where they need. we have a tendency to started from the US market and area unit progressing to extend our service and application worldwide. As of currently we have a tendency to area unit providing our users with the flexibility to pay their bills directly with cryptocurrency.”

“We conjointly integrated with CoinPayments to permit pay with altcoins. we have a tendency to enforced paying bills with Ethereum (ETH) and continue acting on adding different altcoins. Next in order: ZenCash (ZEN), Crown (CRW), Ethereum Classic (ETC). Integration to be continued…”

Welto press release.

They offer a video tutorial page that produces it terribly simple to use their application and troubleshoot with regards to something.

Yet another example of Bitcoin’s rampage towards international currency dominance and thought adoption.

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