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Will NEO emerge stronger than Ethereum? : All you need to know about NEO

Feb 25, 2018 Posted /  8737 Views

Will NEO emerge stronger than Ethereum? : All you need to know about NEO

NEO: The Chinese Ethereum
Neo is making its mark in the virtual currency world. Ever since its launch by Da Hongfei in 2014, its price rocketed to developed into being China’s biggest cryptocurrency. Its makers have huge plans to rule a new-fangled “smart economy,” where possessions are traded in a public ledger as well as people write down “smart contracts” that transfer money around when assured conditions are met, similar to a computer program.
To hit big goals the company site quotes:

“It is a non-profit community-based blockchain project that makes use of blockchain technology plus digital identity to digitize assets, in order to mechanize the management of digital assets utilizing smart contracts, plus to comprehend a “smart economy” with a distributed network.”

It shares several comparisons with Ethereum, which is the second-largest cryptocurrency. They both are concerned in empowering a smart economy, where the blockchain influences other people’s thoughts for ways to move assets around. At one side where Ethereum’s “Dapps” have facilitated developers to run their own schemes off the network, the other side Neo has a special approach in mind.

NEO: The Smart Economy

The objective behind the new Smart Economy is to unite a digital identity, digital assets, and smart contracts into one. With the Smart Economy, NEO is paying attention to the Internet of Value which is permitting for the flow of assets with restricted friction. This financially viable front line is trustless as well as open for everyone, which means that it isn’t administered by a central power. It can make millions of transactions easy on a daily basis through its decentralized distributed ledger, thus forcing companies as well as banks to juggle around with the way they execute their business.

Want to buy and sell NEO? Follow these few simple steps:

First: Get a Wallet for NEO
The most rational place to get a NEO wallet is from their website, since it features web, desktop plus mobile versions.

Then: Search for an Exchange
NEO can be bought from many exchanges as well as should be moved to the secure NEO wallets.

Finally: Take out Your Funds
We advise that you remove your funds from the exchange once you have bought your coins. It is considered best for all the time to practice to have complete ownership of your coins in a wallet that provides you power over your private keys. Once the coins are securely placed in your wallet, you will productively complete the procedure of buying NEO. You can use the similar steps for selling them as well.

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