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Will investing $100 now, help you to gain in future?

Dec 17, 2017 Posted /  1874 Views

Will investing $100 now, help you to gain in future?

Bitcoin suddenly gained the media frenzy and immediately started winning hearts of the people around the globe. According to Everett Rogers, early adopters of new technology and innovations always have an edge over the late ones. The same happened in the case of Bitcoin. Those who were timely to trust are millionaires now. The community of miners who were early in the race and were clever enough to hold onto it currently is experiencing unparalleled profit. With the colossal price surge and questions of being stashed soon, there are sections of the population who are speculating that if they are late to invest in Bitcoin.

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Nevertheless, the same question has been asked time and again since Bitcoin reached $10, then $100, after that $1,000 and now $18,000 where it sits today. There is no doubt that early ones have profited the most, but are there any gains left for the late adopters, is what we will evaluate here in this article:

An analysis of the past and the peak to the future

If you had invested $100 into Bitcoin back in 2010, you would have made the massive profit by now. Two years after Satoshi Nakamoto specified about Bitcoin in his whitepaper, the value of the Bitcoin back then was just $0.06. However adding 18 months to it, the price was up over 3,000 percent and is valued $3.19 An year after, Bitcoin was again climbing, reaching $13.54. This value again got a rise of 300 percent. However, the growth rate was somewhat slow and people were already talking about the bubble.

The very next year the price of Bitcoin hiked to $638 and people were getting maniac and enthusiasts who had hoped for the price gain, were ecstatic as it doubled of what was expected. Now, Bitcoin was making headlines and steadily becoming part of the dinner table conversations. However, 2014 was a difficult year and the growth had dipped down.  

If we talk about the present year, six months back, no one had thought Bitcoin could go much higher than the $2,500, however it had stunned everyone and shunned the voices of the critics. In the last few weeks, the value has amazingly elevated and now resting at about $18k.

Though no one has any idea what will happen next, it could be safe to say that pretty much anyone who bought Bitcoin more than a week ago is profiting already. However it may still be stated that early investors are the major profiteers, but if you want to take a slice you will also experience gain. Nevertheless, it might not be as high as 3,000 percent, but the lovers feeling says Bitcoin has a long way to go.

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