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Will Google Waze be able to defeat Uber?

Feb 25, 2017 Posted /  5731 Views

Will Google Waze be able to defeat Uber?

What is Google Waze?

Waze is a navigation application based which uses GPS to get the current location. It works both on smartphone and tablets. This app provides complete information including the route details by downloading the location dependent information. Waze was founded in Israel by Ehud Shabtai, Amir Shinar and Uri Levine. Waze application was growing every day since its release. This app won the best mobile app award at 2013 Mobile world congress. This increasing popularity of this app drew the attention of many big companies like Google and Facebook. Finally, in June 2013, Google completed the acquisition of Waze. Since then Google is trying to use this app to develop many technologies like carpooling and much more. One the best thing about this app is that it is available on both the android and iOS platform. But some questions that would pop up in your mind that why Waze was getting so much attention. Why the popularity of Waze was increasing day by day? Well, to know the answers to these questions we have to look at the facts that how Waze is different from other navigation apps. Waze is a community driven application. This app gathers its entire data about routes and traffic from its users. This app learns from the users driving time to provide real-time updates about the traffic in any particular location. Another feature that made this app different from the rest was that people can report the car accidents, traffic jams can update roads, landmarks and much more information. This app also gives the information about the fuel station nearby you by getting your current location. The great feature about this app is that it has a very simple UI which keeps the user interested while using the app. This app also allows the sellers to advertise their product based on the location of the users. Whenever a user was near your shop there would be an icon displayed on the map informing the user about the shop.

Waze vs Uber

You must have heard about the uber. Uber is an online transportation network company. It allows the customer to request the car transportation online. This app had made his mark in many countries. There are many users who use this app to book the car for the transportation purpose. Uber launched their first self-driving cars with the features like GPS, camera, lasers. This car generates the three-dimensional map utilising the landmark and other information to keep track of its current position. Uber also started mapping many cities for the best pickup and drop-off points. Google is starting the ride-sharing service to make the users join the carpool. This started a competition between the two big companies Google and Uber. Google started a program that enables the workers to use the Waze app to connect with other fellow workers. As you know that Waze offers the real-time driving direction based on the other drivers.

There is a difference between the approaches of these two companies. Uber is largely operating on the on-demand taxi business whereas Google wants to connect one driver to another who is heading in the same direction. One thing that gives the Google-Waze an upper hand that it is free of cost while Uber is taking charge for its service. Google and Uber were once allies as Goggle invested a lot in Uber in 2013, but it seems like those days are long gone as these two companies are moving toward clashing each other. According to the latest news Uber which has been using the Google mapping software is developing its own maps. The competition between these companies does not only limit to this thing only. There is a huge tussle going on between these two companies in developing driverless cars. Also, any Waze app user can sign up as the driver. At the present moment, Google is not charging any money for the service. But, it remains to be seen that till how long Google goes by this policy.

Who will dominate the market?

Since these two big companies are now going to compete with each other, it remains to be seen that what are the new policies adopted by these companies to outsource the other. The Waze has few advantages like it has a good reputation among the user and its association with Google provides with a huge boost in both resources wise and money wise. Well on the other hand uber has also lots of advantages like its customer base is huge also it has the association with many car developing companies. Well, only time will tell that which of these companies dominate the market and goes on to outnumber the other.

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