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Will Blockchain put Human rights over Financial Gains?

Dec 21, 2017 Posted /  4887 Views

Will Blockchain put Human rights over Financial Gains?

The world today is polarized and in a constant disharmony. However, despite this fact there are many people in the populace who are zealous about creating a better future, one where there is no disparity and people are empowered to self-govern and are backed by the establishments which strengthen the society to work for the benefit of human race.

The year 2017 is just about to end, and now is a good time to appraise the advancements we have made as a society. Blockchain is a comparatively new technology, which has enabled us to create a world where desires of every individual are met. It has also provided voice to the people and an open world, where we can collaborate to take advantage from the diversity of experiences.

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It is interesting to see that how shifting data possession and control to the otherwise inactive consumers can make them active participants in the society. If the common masses are outfitted with techniques to audit supply chains, and labor values like safety, uncorrupt trade practices, organic production, the advertising conjure would soon be replaced by more transparent, faithfull and auditabile structure.

The blockchain space is something far larger, grander, and essentially something with a more socially constructive function. This is the exact reason why blockchain seminars, consortiums, and conferences are witnessing huge audiences.

Let us have a quick recap of what happened in this year. New tokens and funds started flowing in the market and we witnessed the biggest growth in the global blockchain participant pool. Nonetheless, many critics started flowing the hype and the valuation theories and bubbles and it was expected that Bitcoin will slash in the upcoming year, down ridding the Blockchain technology.

Mass Adoption, Financial Gains and Future

In the present year, blockchain creped into the societal conscious through forks, virtual Kitties game and token launches which were referred to as Initial Coin Offerings. These all prospects were focusing on investment opportunities and media consideration, conventional businesses and consumers started taking additional interest in cryptocurrencies and its underpin blockchain technology.

It is significant to remember here that this diversified participant pool connected predominantly for financial gains, attracted by newly generated tokens, which gave buyers opportunity of positive performance. For those who were already contributing in the space, belief in the future of blockchain was confirmed and was stimulated by the high amount of crowdsourced funding. It is estimated that $3.6 billion were just raised for token projects that were created on the ethereum blockchain, a volume that necessitated calling token launches as the ethereum’s "killer app."

It is quite pertinent to set agenda for 2018. We would definitely need to educate new participants in the blockchain ecosystem and work deliberately to improve the diversity and a multicultural representation in the Blockchain space. Additionally, we need to understand the prospects as a matter of empowering human rights.

Establishing the Base

An emphasis has been made by various enthusiasts to simplify complexities of blockchain-based applications. This will help in onboarding new participants. The researchers are testing the technology for user-friendly experiences, attractive designs and consumer friendly language. One such example has emerged out from the latest kitties game called Crytpokitties. Everyone loves the tradeable breedable Digital kittens, which are denominated in ether and have been bringing the network almost to a halt. However, these kittens are the cutest motivators right now to scale transaction throughout liquidity.

The intellectual companies have already established their diversity pool and have been making efforts to engage different people, while women are also being part of the Blockchain meet-ups. Throughout Social Impact programs have exploded up, intensifying the blockchain story with feminine narratives.

Right now we need to educate new participants about the various value proposals and schemes for introducing more public blockchains and repositioning gains to collaborate monetary profits with social values.

Everybody wants to create a secure environment, which ropes on the innovation and while testing these some projects will evaporate, leading to need for regulations. But if we regulate based on old models and paradigms, we will stifle innovation.


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