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Will Antshares be the Ethereum of China

Jul 26, 2017 Posted /  3031 Views

Will Antshares be the Ethereum of China

Will Antshares be the Ethereum of China?

Antshares is a completely decentralized and distributed protocol based on blockchain technology. It is solely manufactured by China. It offers many features such as high speed transactions, peer-to-peer connetions, smart contracts, high security, privacy and lots more. It has similarities to one of the most popular blockchain established in the world Ethereum. Antshares currently known as NEO has the features like smart contracts, Dapps, etc which makes it the blockchain which have the potential to rise as the Ethereum of China.

1. Similarities of Antshares to Ethereum:

The main similarity of Antshares and Ethereum is that the crypto coin ANS can be used for transaction gas. It also works on the Gas protocol just like Ethereum. Users generate ANC -Antcoins- to pay for transaction gas. Antshare’s contract system is internally known as Smart Contracts 2.0. It also have the features like Dapps which the Ethereum provides.

2. Differenes between Antshares and Ethereum:

There are some key differences between Ethereum and Antshares too. The main one is that Ethereum works with only one programming language, Solidity, while the ANS or Antshares work with all the programming languages.

3. Future scope of the NEO or Antshares project:

The Antshares Project has been renamed as NEO recently. ANS has already achieved wide recognition all around China and its used in majority of the stock exchanges in China. With the Antshare's smart contract technology, they are collaborating with Chinese certificate authorities and a large number of startup companies in order to establish Smart Contracts 2.0. Also the Antshares team has patented a cross-chain interoperability, which will benefit the project in the long term.

4. The current market cap of $250 million:

Antshares is a subsidiary of Onchain, which is among the well-respected brands in China. The project has acquired millions of dollars of  funding already. And its market capitalization is currently more than $250 million.

With all these new features, current capitalisation and advancement in technology, there is possibility for the Antshares to become the Ethereum of China.

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