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Why Investors Are Hesitant to Invest in the $2 Billion Telegram ICO?

Feb 21, 2018 Posted /  4582 Views

Why Investors Are Hesitant to Invest in the $2 Billion Telegram ICO?

The Russian created secure messaging platform telegram which has more than 200 million users worldwide is committing itself to conduct an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in a bid to raise over $2 billion. Telegram wants to uses the funding to develop a messaging and commerce platform on a new Blockchain.

The ICO amount is 10 Times the Value of the World’s Largest ICO ever Recorded

The controversial telegram ICO is has a target of $2 billion to be raised supposing for the development of a messaging and ecommerce platform on a new Blockchain. If this ever goes on successfully it will emerge as the world’s number one Initial coin offering in terms of the raised sum of money.

There is generally a mix reaction from potential investors regarding the Telegram ICO with some seeing it as an opportunity to reap big profits from the investment given the grand popularity of telegram. Telegram has more than 200 million users across the world with a business potential of several billion dollars in daily transactions.]

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Currently Telegram is an information feed and a marketing platform being used by millions of businesses across the world. Cryptocurrency in particular is very popular on telegram with some people claiming the platform is also being used by notorious terrorist groups such as ISIS and AL Qaeda. This is alone being a threat to investors capital as security agencies would crack down on the platform sooner or later.

Telegram Marketing of the ICO raises questions.

The way telegram is marketing for its controversial ICO is raising a lot of controversy among the investment community on the legitimacy of the scheme. There are adverts running on the internet urging investors to invest now or miss out forever. This approach is commonly used by scammers to would be victim of internet scams normally resulting into financial losses summing o billions of dollars yearly.

If Telegram wants, it’s ICO marketing to appear legit to it would advertise in a more conventional way like it’s main site and other ICO listing sites. Definitely with the kind of mainstream popularity of telegram no much persuasive advertisement would be required for its ICO.

Telegram became a direct threat to social networking site Facebook during the hype of the case involving leakages of classified documents from the US army by a private contractor Edward Snowden. To this Telegram still remains a major competitor and threat to social sites like Facebook and twitter.

Telegram is faced with lots of Conspiracies both at Home and abroad

Although Telegram is a Russian technology company, the company’s head offices is located in Dubai after being moved around several countries over the years.  Telegram reportedly said it would move its main offices from Dubai again from the any regulation that affects its sovereignty enacted in the gulf state.

To many investors and investment hedge funds, investing in telegram comes with a lot of risks as the company at any time could face a foreclosure of its main businesses or arrest of its founders due to its approach of free communication. When free communication makes you run a group for recruiting new members for ISIS and Al Qaeda no country can directly support you. This is the troubles telegram is in, without changing its policies regarding free communication the way Facebook and other social networking sites have done, the sites freedom will soon be squeezed out by the major security agencies around the world.

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