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Why Cardano seems better than Ethereum?

Dec 25, 2017 Posted /  7838 Views

Why Cardano seems better than Ethereum?

Till now there were no questions asked about the credibility of Ethereum, which was considered as the leader in the smart contract space. However, Cardano launched on September 29 whose ADA tokens started trading on October 1 can be substantiated as much faster, with more succinct mathematical algorithms and affordability package in comparison to Ethereum. Ethereum has faced many issues since last year, which include the high cost of maintenance, regulatory penalties, and security problems.

It is the one of its kind, complete open-source decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project, which is based on peer-reviewed academic work, and the primary user of the first cryptocurrency project based on the Haskel programming language. The project is supervised by the Cardano Foundation and was created by IOHK engineering body in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, the University of Athens and the University of Connecticut.

It will permit developers to build dApps and agreements and provide them with a less money, with more security, privacy, scalability and legal measures. Cardano uses ADA tokens as the token of value that can be moved between holders and can be paid for goods or services. These can also be exchanged with fiats or used to enter an application. This project utilizes a secure Proof of Stake system called as Ouroboros. This POS system has enhanced security over the ordinary Proof of Stake system.

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Cardano utilizes multi-layered protocols; the first being the settlement layer that runs a unit of account and the second being the control layer that runs the next-generation smart contracts. The layers are recognized as Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) and a set of modus operandi acknowledged as the Cardano Computation Layer (CCL).

Exercising multi-layer protocols permits adding up to highly sophisticated functions and creating equilibrium between regulatory and user privacy requirements. The control layer will be programmed to establish the user identity, supporting in compliance and permitting for blacklisting (if required).

However, vital to the deliberation about a protocol that implements regulatory conformity is how it will defend the users discretion, which is the foremost requirement of any ideal cryptocurrency project. The system hunts for the liberties on the flow of value, individual access of funds without intimidation or asset forfeiture by authorities, and assurance of immutability (where the database cannot be manipulated).

Cardono assures equilibrium between these two aspects: technology to protect privacy and also looking up for the concerns of the regulators.

Hence we can determine that the factors as appraised above make Cardano better than Ethereum. Let us recap it for you- Cardano is using a more universally known programming language and is already utilizing the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. The in-built cryptocurrency-to-fiat exchange in the wallet provides far more convenience to the users. Also, this blockchain project is more versatile in terms of regulations than any other.

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