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Which are the best ever Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Jun 09, 2017 Posted /  4516 Views

Which are the best ever Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Today is the digital tech-savvy world and you must know about the best technologies which are there in the market!

In the current date, the market for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly and instantly. Apart from the publicity, the media attention is also increasing and there are various kinds of startups and the internet gains which are also racing to the acquisition and there is also much of the increase in investment and the adoption even by the enterprises. According to a survey performed, there are just around 38% of the enterprises are just making use of the AI and it is also growing to about 62% by the year 2018. One of the other research also predicted the greater than 300% increase of using the AI and also greater than the 300% increase for the investment in the Artificial Intelligence in the year 2017 which is just compared with the year 2016. IDC also anticipated that the AI will be increasing from $8 billion in the year 2016 for morethan just $47 billion in the year 2020. 

In the year 1955 for the description of a new computer science sub-discipline: “Artificial Intelligence” also in today's date includes the variety of different kinds of technologies and the tools, some of the time-tested and the others which are just the new ones. For helping to make the sense of what's hot and also what's not. It was the Forrester, which also published a TechRadar also reported on the Artificial Intelligence, for the purpose of applications development by the professionals and complete detailed analysis of about the 13 various kinds of technologies enterprises which should also be considered as the adopting for the support of human decision-making. Hardware artificial intelligence development is the major growing technology for the businesses to grow. 

10 Best Artificial Technologies to watch out for: 

As per the Forrester's analysis, there is also the list of different hottest AI technologies which you must know about and these technologies are just trending: 

1 Natural Language Generation Technology: 

You will also be producing the text from the computer data itself. Recently used in the customer service, the report generation and also for the summarizing of business intelligence insights. There are the sample vendors like the Attiviom Automated Insights, Cambridge Semantics too, adn the Digital Reasoning, Lucidworks, Narrative Science, SAS, Yseop. 

2 Speech Recognition technology:

This is also the feature-rich Artificial Intelligence technology. You will also be able to transcribe and also transform the human speech in the formatiing which is just useful for the computer applications. In the recent times, the interactive voice also response systems and also the mobile applications. There are the sample vendors which are: NICE, Nuance Communications, OpenText, Verint Systems. 

3 Virtual Agents technology: 

This is also known as the recent darling for the media, as per the Forrester, from various simple chatbots to the advanced systems which can network with the different humans. As of now recently used in the computer service and also the support for the smart home manager. There are also the sample vendors: Amazon, Apple, Artificial Solutions, Assist AI, Creative Virtual, Google, IBM, Ipsoft, Satisti, Microsoft. 

4 Machine Learning Platform technology: 

There are various ways of providing the algorithms, APIs, the development and the training toolkits, the data as the computing power for designing, training and also for the deploying models in the applications, which is moreover involving the prediction or also the classification too. Sample vendors also includes the Amazon, Fractal Analytics, Google,, Microsoft, SAS, Skytree etc. 

5 AI optimization Hardware: 

The grahics processing units (GPU) and also the appliances also spoecifically designed for the architected for the efficiently running of AI-oriented computational jobs too. As of now primarily making the huge difference in the deep learning applications. The sample vendors are also the Alluviatte, Cray, Google, IBM, Intel, Nvidia. 

6 Decision management technology: 

These are the engines which are being inserted as the rules and also the logic in the AI systems and these are being used for the initial setup and also for the training and the ongoing maintenance as well as the tuning too. There is also the mature technology and it is also being used in different varieties ofthe enterprise applications and asl ofor assisting or for performing the automated decision making process. There are the sample vendors: Advanced systems, concepts, Informatica, Maana, Pegasystems, UiPath. 

7 Deep Learning Platforms also: 

There is a lovely kind of machine learning which also consists of the artificial neural networks with the different kind of multiple abstraction layers. This is also therecently primarily used in the different kind of pattern recognition and also the classification applications which is being supported by very large data sets too. There are also the sample vendors: deep instinct, Esratz Labz, MathWorks, Peltarion, Saffron Technology, Sentient Technologies.

8 Biometrics technology: 

This one enables more of the neutral interactions between the humans and machines, this also involves just not limited to the image and the touch of recognition, speech and also the body language too. Currently being used as the primarily in market research too. Sample vendors include: 3VR, Affectiva, Agnitio, FaceFirst, Sensory, Tahzoo, Synqera. 

9 The Robotic Process Automation AI technology: 

Making use of the scripts and also some of the other kind of methods for automating the human action to the support efficient business processes too. Currently being used as it is just too expensive or also the inefficient for the humans to just execute the process or also the task as such. Smaple vendors are also the Advanced System Concepts, Blue Prism, Anywhere, UiPath, WorkFusion too. 

10 Text Analytics and the NLP: 

The natural language processing (NLP) alos makes use and the support text analytics by teh facilitating of and the understanding of various sentence structure and also the complete meaning, sentiment and also the intent through various statistical and machine learning methods too. Recently being used in the fraud detection and also the security, there is also different range of automated assistants and the applications for the mining unstructured data also. The sample vendors are also the Coveo, Basis Technology, Lexalytics, etc. 

The Final Words: 

So, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that the above listed are the best in class artificial intelligence technologies which you must opt for and you will know that the above listed technologies will just help you to grow and flourish your business rapidly and will also help you to get good customer-base and also the higher revenues. 

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