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What will be the value of Bitcoin Cash BCH at launch

Aug 01, 2017 Posted /  4370 Views

What will be the value of Bitcoin Cash BCH at launch

What will be the Price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The Bitcoin cash token is scheduled to be launched today in 3 hours, but its value is yet to be announced by the management.

Under the proposed split, every bitcoin holder should be entitled to a 1:1 share of the Bitcoin cash token. For instance, if you hold 99 Bitcoins, you should be receiving 99 Bitcoin cash tokens as well (BCH Tokens)

If Bitcoin cash is worth $150 when released and Bitcoin is $3000 at that time, then the Bitcoin value will be deducted from $150 and will become $2850

It is also predicted that both markets will be unstable during this period.

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