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Vanished British Bitcoin Developer joins Kurdish fighters to combat Isis

Mar 07, 2018 Posted /  4860 Views

Vanished British Bitcoin Developer joins Kurdish fighters to combat Isis

It was the strange case when Amir Taaki the famous British bitcoin engineer vanished, and nobody knew his whereabouts. Everyone was just asking questions on Twitter and media was waiting desperately for his appearance back in the "Bitcoin squat" circle.  

Amir was 27 at that point of time and an adored figure for his skills amongst the Bitcoin groups. The government, however, was very anxious about his disappearance as it was time for post-Silk Road world, where bitcoin and blockchain specialists and professionals were closely monitored for their involvement in illegal activities.

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And, to their fears, so it happened- Taaki was developing a Dark Wallet, one whose installment framework would make bitcoin exchange utterly untraceable. The most significant havoc of this thought was that it was going to be a payment gateway for the law offenders, criminals, gangsters, and the ISIS. Much time government is worried about the tax circumvention that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin facilitate in, leading to governments interloping.

Taaki was sternly rebellious, and he re-emerged in September 2015. The more significant part of them specified Rojava, a Kurdish-controlled true self-ruling district in Northern Syria. Taaki was in very Syria, battling in favor of Rojava against Isis. He believed it was his responsibility to help Rojava’s unusual mix of federalism and direct vote-based system from the psychological militants endeavoring to destroy it. Now as you talk to him, he narrates his part of the story-

“I want to visit hackers, anarchist hackers, and anarchists groups,” he continued. “I am studying a lot of different literature to understand where technology should go over the next 20 years.”

“We want to establish a headquarters here in Catalonia. To gather together a team of hackers, that we can then train and send to manage our projects,” the man says, in English. “It will be like a startup accelerator, only a politicised one. Not driven by profit, but by social change.”

Takki says that he is in search of five individuals, not remarkably well informed, preferably young, 1-2 females to maintain gender balance and ideologically radical who can join his “dojo.” According to him, these “self-governing polytechnics” will live work towards a shared objective: utilizing futuristic technologies like bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and open-source programming to facilitate revisionist developments around the world, beginning from self-ruled Catalonia. Their long haul objective is elaborated in an 18-page “total crumple of the world state framework.”

Taaki further remarks that he has officially discovered a potential place to initiate his dojo. He states “You can likewise discover the contacts on my site. It’s”

As for now, Taaki is back in Europe, where for sure the police won’t permit him to sit freely, and he comments he needs to take bitcoin back. It is noteworthy to see his course of action as in the past three years, while Taaki was caught up with Kalashnikovs, the digital currency has risen from $200 in March 2015 to over $19,000 in December 2017, scouting the fall back to the present $11,000.

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