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Using Ethereum to Combat the Escalation of Fake News

Nov 07, 2017 Posted /  1996 Views

Using Ethereum to Combat the Escalation of Fake News

Digital Identity and Technology to Enhance it

Digital identity has many definitions but let's go with a definition of digital identity given to us by Christian Lundkvist, a blockchain engineer. According to Christian, digital identity is a digital object that maps a physical entity. In our own understanding put it as a virtual object in a server that represents a physical object located somewhere on earth. Current methods of digital identity such as secured web accounts logins does not represent a physical entity even though coupled with two factor authentication the method still falls prey to intruders. This brings us to the question, what is the most reliable method to ensure real security? Going back to Christian’s definition of digital identity, all these accounts should reliably map directly to discrete physical Entities to ensure full security.


It would make more sense if physical identity objects are digitized to be used as proof of real digital identity of course with the verification of the appropriate authorities. The disadvantage here is that a lot of user data would be free handle over to government agencies which would be a compromise to internet freedom.

Blockchain Solution to the Digital Identity Crisis

The best answer to these crisis associated with identity is Blockchain. Think of a blockchain as a big data ledger bundled up in blocks that can be accessed and downloaded by anyone. The data in the blockchain synchronizes with one another on a predesigned algorithm that runs the blockchain where users come to an agreement on what to be taken as valid and invalid blocks (data bundles) in the blockchain. Valid Blocks are then approved and extended for further processing while invalid Blocks are rejected. Negative behaviour involving an unidentified blocks are considered as invalid blocks in the Blockchain and a protocol is put in place to deter such behavior in the chain. This is the method cryptocurrency deploy to ensure scarcity. The algorithm in the blockchain ensures that tokens are not double spent and supply restricted.

Combining the Crypto Abilities of Ethereum with Fake News Prohibition

The Ethereum Blockchain deploy an efficient technique known as smart contracts for Ensuring correct identification of accounts, users or transaction Ids in the Ethereum Blockchain. A contract deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain is Broadcasted and executed in the same way by every involved allowing a sense of trust in the network and the algorithm running the smart contract. A smart contract can be interpreted as a physical identity such as Passport, National ID or driver's License. For the Purpose of identity verification to fulfill a contractual term between two entities the algorithm has data that can verify the information on the physical identity. A smart contract based Identity on the Blockchain can be used to validate anything. It can verify whether you are a bot or a human user, detect the existence of multiple accounts from the same identity.


Most fake news are spread on social media like twitter, facebook, linkedin and others. The news are automatically posted on these platforms by tigy programs known as bots, bots are coded to repost a certain content a certain numbers of time on a certain platform. Take for example if some body code bots to give one Billion likes to a youtube video. A ignorant publisher might use this false triggered response to develop a marketing strategy causing losses to the company. It's already taken place and in the worst case scenario at the highest hierarchy of politics involving the US presidential elections. Smart Contracts can be deployed on to social media platforms to put a stop to the global spread on fake news and it's related consequences.


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