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US Luge Team for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics to Accept Donations via BTC

Dec 21, 2017 Posted /  5317 Views

US Luge Team for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics to Accept Donations via BTC

United State Luge Olympic Team Starts accepting Bitcoin Donations

The USA luge team for the 2018 winter Olympics games in Pyeongchang South Korea announced recently that they will be accepting Bitcoin donations. Luge as a sport started way back around the 15th century. The team received its first Bitcoin donations from the cryptocurrency investors and former member of the US luge Olympic team Ty Danco. The team has emerged as the first Olympic team to ever receive Bitcoin donations.

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Although Cryptocurrency has ever been donated to fund an Olympic team preparing for major gaming events, the US Luge team is building a funding portfolio around bitcoin. In 2014 the Jamaican bobsled team received some Dogecoin to help in their Olympic games funding.

Luge Being a sport that does not attract a lot of attention in the United States, the team is often faced with financial difficulties to fund their expenses for participating in major international sporting events.

The USA luge marketing director and a silver medalist in the 1998 Olympic doubles commented on the Bitcoin donation option the team has added saying,

“Lugers are always perceived as the craziest people although lots people do not understand why we do crazy things. Luge is something that gets into your blood and transforms your life forever. The Bitcoiners we have met understand the exact feelings how it is like to be into something the world doesn’t appreciate at the moment. We analyzed bitcoin options and realized it’s a risk-reward we understand and are willing to explore”

Going for the South Korean Games with a little Bitcoin Help

Having hosted at least two summer Olympics games South Korea is hosted the winter games for the first time. Winter games are packed with dozens of icy sports including Ice Hockey, Skiing, figure skating, speed skating and snowboarding among others. About 88 countries from across the world are expected to participate in the next year’s winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The Luge competitions during the Olympic games will be held in a newly built sliding sports facility the Alpensia Sliding Center. The state of art facility cost the South Korean Government about $100 million to build.

The New sporting facility is expected to host more than 7000 luge fans from across the world during the Olympic games. Perhaps the United States Luge team can add Bitcoin logos onto their jackets to promote the cryptocurrency during the event.

The Team Will Ensure Financial stability from the Bitcoin Upward moving Trends

The Underfunded United States Luge Team believes that by obtaining and holding Bitcoin, the team will be able to fund its future Olympic and world cup competitions by itself. With the current wave of swaying bitcoin prices upwards the team hopes if the hold some bitcoin up 2022, its value would be sufficient to finance some of the teams sporting activities. Mr. Danco Further highlighted about hoarding bitcoin saying,

“when we store our Bitcoin till 2022 and 2026 Olympic games we will be able to fund our Olympic and world cup competitions by ourselves without requesting for donor funds. The fund will also help in funding programs aiming to develop upcoming athletes”

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