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UNICEF plans to raise funds from crypto-ming, asks gamers around world to contribute

Feb 03, 2018 Posted /  3059 Views

UNICEF plans to raise funds from crypto-ming, asks gamers around world to contribute

Alas as the crypto-market dissuades with worry over declining prices there is some positive news coming in the space that will facilitate in rebuilding its credibility in the populace. Now UNICEF is working on the lines of [email protected] and [email protected] with a new fundraising project with a cryptocurrency spin. The organization is building a project to help the children in war-torn Syria for which it has asked the gamers, eSports enthusiast and anyone that have computers with powerful graphics cards installed in them to help in the mining of Ethereum.   

How to get involved?

The project has been named as "Game Chaingers", details of which have been given on its website.  Anyone who is interested just has to visit the website and register few details about themselves and their system. The website then configures the mining software and after which installation of the software can be completed on your computer.

The Game Chaingers program essentially utilizes your graphics card's power to mine for the cryptocurrency. After the mining completes the virtual currency goes to UNICEF's account. The project depends upon the number of users, the more the participants the more coins it can mine. The success of this project will depend on the number of coins raised which further depend upon the number of gamers around the world who chose to join this project. If the hundreds of gamers around the world help out, the organization can raise a considerable amount of ethereum worth millions.

When UNICEF asked about the idea behind the project, it said the organization planned the project out of a need to find new donors. Unicef further mentions that most of its benefactors are already over 50 and by asking to borrow PCs' processing power sounded like a better and innovative idea instead of directly appealing for cash. Furthermore, the world's biggest non-profit says that this will encourage even those who wouldn't generally involved with charities or contribute any kind of donations.

No Environmental Threat

The UN organization for children's rights was then asked if running the program would cause the PC of the user to consume more electricity than usual, a spokesperson replied that it won't happen. He contemplated that your computer will still utilize an equivalent amount of electricity that it normally does. He further explains that since it's not exactly the same as mining for bitcoins for your own, UNICEF will only rent part of the participant's processing power and will ask only "for a punctual and brief participation."

The spokesperson said that they had deliberated about the project before announcing the idea and if it is the only thing keeping you from installing the software is its energy use and/or environmental impact, then it sounds like you've got nothing to worry about.

Recently, a news came in where Pineapple fund, a bitcoin-based philanthropy registered donation of $ 4 million worth bitcoin to an open medicine foundation for the treatment of ME/CFS patients

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