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Two ways to make a million in cryptocurrencies

Dec 05, 2017 Posted /  3951 Views

Two ways to make a million in cryptocurrencies

Invest in a good business!

It really is that simple. The only thing you need to do, is do your homework. When you invest in the good business, you don’t look at the current price, you look at the potential. You investigate what the business does and if that will make you a profit.

OK, you say “Wait, what business?” if the cryptocurrency does not have business behind it, forget it. It is nothing more than a pump and dump coin. But if it has a business behind it and a developmental team, the currency will thrive. This is simply because it might take years for a cryptocurrency to be noticed so the developmental team needs a business so that they can keep developing it. That is just the realism of it.

My own experience of this is: Digibyte. The currency that has been exploding for the past month. I mined Digibyte in 2014 with one graphics card and because one graphics card is not much I needed to decide where I put my bets. I went to Digibyte because of the awesome team behind it and Jared the face of Digibyte. I won over 200 000 Digibyte and this past month has made me really happy to see that this strategy also works in cryptocurrencies.

Use compound interest to your advantage in day trading.

This is a harder, but plausible strategy. What I mean by this is that you do not try to make 100% increases in your owners, but instead make many 10-20% gains. Let me explain this by showing you how compound interest works. You will be awestruck!

Do you see what happened? Each time the previous amount is multiplied by 1.2 times so it gains 20% interest. Already after doing this 38 times you end up with a million! Insane, isn’t it? Ok, so how does this help to get a million in crypto? Well, certain cryptos like Digibyte are doing 10-20% waves every day currently. So if one would only take 10-20% each day and be happy with that, it would take 70 days with 18% interest rate to go from 10 dollars to more than a million dollars!

I'll start my journey soon to prove that this can work. I hope to use what I earn from here to make the case. I need 5-10 dollars’ worth and that should do it.

Want to know more? Let me know in the comments and I’ll write another post, also please tell me which parts are unclear so I’ll focus on the next. This is just an introduction post and not at all extensive.

How to Make Insane Money with Cryptocurrencies

One word: ALTCOINS.

Altcoins stand for ‘alternative coins’, or in simple terms, cryptocurrency that’s

NOT Bitcoin.

There’s Bitcoin and then there’s ‘everything else’.

Everything else’ is what altcoins are.

Invest in altcoins, the right ones, and you can make insane amounts of money. And fast.

ALTCOINS: The New Way to Earn Big

Now everyone probably has heard of Bitcoin and how much value Bitcoin seems to be gaining (it’s gone over 3x value in just a year and thousands of times since the start of it in 2008). It’s painful to hear about how much Bitcoin has increased in value since 2008. I too wanted to buy a bunch of bitcoins back in 2013 when Bitcoin crashed down to about $60. There are plenty of stories told online about people buying thousands of Bitcoins for $10’s apiece years ago, then cashing out when Bitcoin hit $50.

Now you could invest ONLY in Bitcoin right now and just sit on your Bitcoin for a few years. I feel Bitcoin will be going much higher over time — even much more than the $4000-$45000 they are valued at the time of this post writing. I feel that Bitcoin may indeed hit $15,000, $20,000, $30,000 and more over the next few years. Some analysts have even said Bitcoin could reach $100,000 in ten years. But this may be a few years away. Despite dips over the years, the Bitcoin trend has only been going up.

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