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Top Mobile App Developers in Seville, Spain

Feb 22, 2017 Posted /  2116 Views

Top Mobile App Developers in Seville, Spain

Spain, a sovereign country located on the Iberian Peninsula in south-western Europe. Spain is also the largest country in the southern Europe and fourth largest country in the European continent. Seville is located on the plains of river Guadalquivir. It is the fourth largest city in the Spain and 30th most populated city in the European Union. Seville harbour is located about 80 km from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the only river port in Spain. Seville has also contained three UNESCO world heritage site. This makes Seville a good place for tourists. There are also large numbers of universities in Seville. Since there are a large number of goods that are transported through this part of the Spain so there is the need for technology that would make this job easier. One of this technology that is gaining its popularity in this region is the app development. The field of app development is drawing the attention of a large number of students here. There are a large number of good colleges located in this part which produces a large number of quality app developers. There are large numbers of app developers that develop the app for android and iOS platform.

Now, let’s look at the main reasons for a large number of app developers in this part of Spain.

• The only river Port of Spain is located in this area. There is large number of transport that takes place through this part. This creates the demand for the apps like travel app, app for delivery of good from one place to another. So many companies dealing with these sectors tend to hire the app developers to develop app for them.

• There are also large numbers of good college located in this part of the country. There are colleges like International college of Seville, University of Seville. These colleges provide a good education which is one of the prime reasons for large number of app developer in Seville.

• Seville has three UNESCO world heritage sites, which makes it a great attraction for the tourist. There are large numbers of people that visit this part of the country from different parts of the world. This creates the need for apps like voice translator;

• Since there are large numbers of tourist that visit this country every year, this creates the demand for large number of hotels and restaurants. Now, with gaining popularity of mobile apps these days every hotel offer booking through these apps. This creates a need for large number of app developers. The restaurants also hire a good number of people for developing app for their restaurants. • There are many companies who

• There are many companies who organize the workshop and competition for the app developers. This creates the excitement in app developer to develop app with the unique idea.

• Owing to the fact that there are large numbers of tourist that visit this part, there is also increase in the cashless payment method. The bank in this area hires app developer to develop app for their bank which facilitates the online transaction.

Let’s look at the some of the popular apps developed by the app developers in this part.

• Seville travel guide with offline city map- This app contains the offline map of Seville. This app shows the details about the bus stops, has the picture gallery and GPS. This app is very simple to use and is of great use for the entire tourist who visits this place.

• Tussam- It is an app which informs the user about the city bus and tram service. It is really helpful for the people living in the city and also the travellers as it makes their job easier to know about every transport medium available to them to make their travel easy.

The main reason for many app developers in the city is the demand that is generated by the sectors like tourism, transport, business. As the technology is increasing every day and people are shifting to the mobile app rather than using the website, the demand for app developers has increased a lot. The sectors like tourism and business are not doing to decrease here. It is only going to increase day by day which means the demand for app developers will increase in the coming days.

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