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Top mobile app developers in Madrid, Spain

Feb 21, 2017 Posted /  1337 Views

Top mobile app developers in Madrid, Spain

Spain, a sovereign country located on the Iberian Peninsula in south-western Europe. Spain is also the largest country in the southern Europe and fourth largest country in the European continent. Madrid, the capital city of Spain is the largest city in the country. It’s the third-largest country in the European Union. Most of the people have heard of Madrid mostly because of the popular club from this part of the world namely Real Madrid. Madrid lies in the middle of Spain. There are lots of people living in this city, being the capital city. Madrid has third largest GDP contribution to the European Union. It has a great influence in politics, education, science, fashion in the European Union and the entire world. With this much of great population in this city, there are a large number of industries, colleges. There are a large number of students who came here from the different parts of the world. With the so many companies in this city and increasing popularity of mobile increasing day by day, the demand for app developer has increased a lot in this city. Now, let’s look at why Madrid has a large number of app developers and their number is increasing day by the day.

The main reason for large number of app developers

• There is large population student who came here to peruse their dream. There are top colleges like University Polite`cnica de Madrid, Carlos III University of Madrid which produce finest app developers.

• There are large numbers of restaurants who offer exotic food to the customer, and all these restaurants need the app. This increases in the demand for the app developers.

• There are also many industries located around Madrid. Since there is an increase in popularity of app development all these companies tend to hire the app developers to develop the app for their company.

• Since there is so large number of the college student studying in Madrid, there are many students who tend to start developing in the college itself.

• There is also a great increase in the popularity of freelancer in this country. Many young people go for app development as a freelancer. Many small scales and medium scale companies tend to hire these app developers on the temporary basis.

• Madrid has two of the most popular football team, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Since this place is a home for two of the most popular football clubs, there are large numbers of people who come here to watch their matches. This means that there are a large number of tourists coming to the city. It increases the demand for app developers to develop apps like the map, tour guide, voice translator and much more.

Let’s look at the few apps developed in Madrid

• Metro de Madrid – This is the official app for the metros in Madrid. Since there are a large number of people travelling daily, metro provides the best way to travel to the different part. This app lets you plan your journey.

• The Fork- This is the best app if you are a food lover. This app gives you all the information about the place to hang out with your friends.

There are many other apps developed in Madrid like My Taxi, Badi etc. There are large numbers of app developer in this place. The main reason for a large number of app developers in Madrid is the demand that is generated by a large number of small scale and medium scale companies. The advancement of technology has also motivated the student here to come with the improved idea for app development. The demand for the app developer is going to only increase with time and so will be the number of people opting for app development as their career.

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