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Top ideas to launch your apps

May 28, 2017 Posted /  5442 Views

Top ideas to launch your apps

It may be from Google play or Apple App Store, apps have become so common nowadays that just when a problem strikes our mind, looking for an app for the same is the first thing that we do. There is an app for everything, from cooking to online games, from books to movies, for elder people to kids and from education to planning holidays. Applications have made our lives so easy that it seems almost impossible to imagine our lives without them now. They have grown as a business and people are making millions in this business. Hardly had this business started when there was already a whole lot of competition in this field. Hence, it becomes absolutely important for the idea behind an app to be a very clear and distinct in its methods. Top 10 apps ideas of 2017 are listed below which are definitely the ones that are going to reach their target audience in huge numbers.

1)      Bus timetable App

There are many of us who have no choice but to travel by the local means of transport. Even though local buses and transport are cheaper, people prefer not opting for them as they cause a lot of inconvenience by making the daily commuters wait and with no information if the bus just left or when the next bus is due to come. This app will solve this problem by showing the bus numbers and the time left before its arrival. It will also give you a reminder when the bus is due to arrive 3 or 4 minutes before so that there is minimum wastage of time of people. This app will definitely solve a big problem for the daily commuters and therefore will be well acclaimed once it comes to the market.


2)      Making your homes ‘smart homes’

With all the buzz about ‘Internet of things’ around, this apple paid app will use a specially designed smart watch to switch on common electrical appliances and common gadgets. For example, it could switch on electric heater, refrigerator or even an electric kettle. It would be like a TV remote only here there is only one remote for everything and no chance of it getting lost!


3)      App to play your favorite music at public places

Have you imagined how a café you are sitting in, suddenly starts playing the song that you were just humming would feel like? Imagine you are just hanging out with your friends when suddenly   “Friends” theme track starts playing in the background. It would really add up to the fun you were having with your friends. This app could double your joy by doing this for you. All the users have to do is play their favorite YouTube music video and point towards the television screen and the music video will be added to the playlist. Users will also get a chance to view and upvote any video that they like!


4)      Keeping your neighborhood clean app

This is an iOS app which makes the users responsible for keeping their surroundings clean. The users need to take snaps of the places with cluttered, garbage dumped spots and upload on the app. Next they need to devise a ‘cleaning project’ and come up to an agreeable amount that they are ready to spend to get their environment clean.  They need to contact a nearby NGO or municipal corporation helpers and get the task done. This app will be of much use to people who are ready to spend a little from their pockets to live in a clean and hygienic environment.


5)      Integrated Medical Reporting

This will be an app that all the doctors can install in which each and every medicine that a patient has ever been prescribed is noted by linking any personal id to their accounts. This will save up a lot of time in understanding their case histories and also stipulate if there is any hereditary disease involved. This app will be a big boon in the medicinal profession and will make the lives of patients as well as doctors easier!


6)      Crowd funding app

This app could bring together the people who are willing to invest in small firms and startups and the startups that need funding. The startups can list their idea and working structure from which the investor can decide if they wish to invest in the business model. This app could be very successful as with the increasing number of startup ideas in the society, there is an ever increasing need of funding to start the startup.


7)      On demand service providing app

There is always a problem in finding reliable and efficient people for small jobs like plumbing, carpentry and electricity tasks. This is a very niche job but the right chord to be strung as each and every house faces this problem sometime or the other which could be the main reason for the success of this brilliant app idea. This is meant keeping in mind especially the elderly whose kids have settled abroad and they find it difficult to get these tasks done themselves.


8)      Parking lot specifier

This app would show the available parking spaces in an area and an alert just when there is a new space available for you to park. Parking your vehicles is indeed a big problem nowadays when there are too many vehicles parked anywhere and everywhere. This app will solve the problem and make the parking system much more organized.


9)      Route planner

A route planner app makes travelling way easier. When there is a big problem of commuting because you are in a new city and you don’t know which public transport is safe and will require the least time to travel, this app does all the work for you! This app will give all the possible combinations of going from one place to another and all we have to do is chose from the most convenient one!


10)   Charge sharing app

Accept it or not, everyone faces this problem of getting their phones discharged just when there is an important call to make or a meeting to schedule. This charge sharing app will be the solution to this unavoidable situation in which a request is made by the person requiring charge and the person who accepts the request decides how much charge he is willing to lend and at what price. This app would be a life saver for people who are in such a trouble anytime.

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