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Top 8 ICOs to invest 13 August 2017

Aug 13, 2017 Posted /  8461 Views

Top 8 ICOs to invest 13 August 2017

Top 8 ICOs to invest 13 August 2017

There are so many cryptocurrencies ICOs gearing up these days. It becomes quite difficult to follow up the details and dates of every ICO's. We have found some ICOs to look forward to, although users should always make their own inquiries before making any kind of  investments in ICO's. The following projects bring in some exciting ideas, which could be proved to be quite important and powerful presently and over the time. Here are the top 8 ICO's to invest in August and look forward to :

1. Justmake ICO

JustMake will serve as the foundation for the Justmake Ecosystem and will allow holders of JM to interact with the various platforms it will be building for the ecosystem. The Justmake Ecosystem will be a collection of platforms, products, and services, which the primary purpose of the Justmake Foundation will be to increase the user base of the Justmake ERC20 Token and the user experience of participants in the Justmake Ecosystem. As well as, increase the use and viability of JM. Users will be able to contribute in a number of different ways in the ecosystem so they can earn JM. The Justmake Foundation will also be working on various use cases to increase the ease of use to make it easy and stream-lined for mainstream users to adapt and use the Justmake ERC20 Token. This will also include implementing various security measures to ensure that they are building a state-of-the-art technology foundation and platform. JustMake found out South Carolina will actually be the last place in the world it will pass through. The founder of JustMake lives, work, and was born in the Upstate of South Carolina, so they are actually going to time the start of the Token Sale with the start of the eclipse. They will call it the “Eclipse Day Token Sale". 

Details about the sale: 

Start date: 21st August 2017

End date: 18 September 2017.

2. Social (SCL) ICO

Social aims to be the native cryptocurrency coin/token for Nexus. Social coins will be used throughout the Nexus marketplace and to buy and sell goods. Socials will also be combined using the Nexus Ad platform.These ads will be displayed within the user's news feed. The Nexus ad platform will aim to be a far more affordable advertising method than other networks. Nexus is a social network built on modern technologies that also integrates popular features of e-commerce and crowdfunding. The Network focuses on privacy, control settings, security and listening to the community voice. Nexus is a platform that is already available to the public to sign up and use on iOS, Android and the web. Messaging is a characteristics that almost every social platform combines these days. Nexus will be taking it one step further and may also offer small features within the Instant Messaging functionality. While have a conversation with a friend on the platform, you will also be having the facility to send socials instantly to them, request socials, send multimedia attachments files ( like images, GIFs, videos), emojis and much more. Nexus is also focusing on allowing the transfer of other ERC20 standard tokens through Instant Messages. Instant messages are the most used feature within a social networking platform, so Nexus hopes to make it more enjoyable and sociable for its users.

Details about the sale: 

Start date: 17th August 2017

End date: 17th September 2017.

3. BitIndia Pre ICO

BitIndia is India's first platform, which is decentralized and enables the investor, trader, merchant or any user to buy, sell and trade in cryptocurrencies. It lets its client to purchase, sell Bitcoins, Ethereum and Ripple as well, and trade without the involvement of any third party in the investments. It is a global platform which ensures to provide security with a convenient method of payment over the Internet. Being India's largest platform for blockchain exchange and blockchain wallet. It is a convenient crowdfunding platform which allows investors to invest in cryptocurrencies securely, via the Internet. It provides a global platform for exchange and trade in cryptocurrencies, and is cited to be India's largest and first blockchain technology platform and a safe wallet exchange service. 

Details about the sale: 

Start date: 01st September 2017

End date: 30th September 2017

4. COSS Token Swap ICO

It has the platform of an Ethereum based blockchain technology which is a revenue-generating Token designed for the boost of use of cryptocurrencies, and the best use of this token is to keep it because it will help all of its holders to earn the other tradeable cryptocurrencies. COSS ICO, is an ecosystem who has all the features of a digital currency system based on cryptocurrency. The COSS system has features like of a POS payment gateway, an exchange of currency platform, the list of merchants, marketcap rankings,marketplace, an electronic wallet, various coin services and a mobile platform. The COSS platform unifies all transactional features that are usually managed by means of Fiat money, and offers many of the cryptocurrency related services at one place. The list of potential features of the platform can be substantially increased, and will carry on growing as the platform that evolves.

Details about the sale: 

Start date: It is Live and going on

End date: 06th September 2017.

5. ATLANT Real Estate ICO 

ATLANT is a platform  used for creating and developing a global real estate platform for next generation based on the blockchain technology. They are using crypto financing for growth capital rather than traditional venture capital and shareholders. It helps both the short and long term real estate rental markets by decreasing the fees, by making the use of the Decentralized conflict resolution and making this market fully peer to peer, removing various middle men, and also ensuring that reviews and listings are honest, as they are stored on an immutable blockchain. ATLANT has two features which focuses on to help the problems in todays global real estate sector, one is the tokenized ownership and the other one is peer to peer rentals. With advantage of the blockchain technology platform, existing Hotel business and growth of Online services such as booking and Airbnb could be disrupted and sequenced into a Decentralized service, and said technology could gear up both the supply growth and using them.

Details about the sale: 

Start date: 7th September 2017

End date: 31st October 2017

6. FARAD Cryptoken ICO

Farad Cryptoken is a cryptocurrency within the Blockchain Ethereum based ecosystem. Each Farad Cryptoken are entitled to the rights to the forward purchase contract of ultra capacitor cells manufactured by Guangxi Aerospace Beidou New Technology Co. Ltd. (China). The mining process of FRD is based on and fully backed by the production of ultra-capacitor products and applications. The capacitors can be used in combination with the traditional batteries such as lithium ion batteries with the energy storaging industries like AMR, Beacon, Smart Card, Token, Smart phones, Power banks, RFID, IoT devices, WiFi Dongle, POS devises, SSD, PLP, Power tools, Drones, Automotive Boosters, UPS, Robotic Apparatus and Energy Harvest among others. It is fully responsible through the blockchain, which is also auditable and it is transparent. FRD offers an assured buy back higher than offer price.

Details about the sale: 

Start date: 25th August 2017

End date:14th September 2017.


TRAVELCOIN ICO is the Ethereum based cryptrocurrency ICO which holds the main aim to combine all the ecosystems in the travel industry at one place in a private blockchain. TRAVELCOIN, is the first of its kind of travel based ICO, which gives the platform of securing great deals, without double booking, at faster and lesser prices. TRAVELCOIN ICO is based on ERC20 protocol platform. Travelcoin is a self-sufficient blockchain and fuels itself by the fee it generates on every transactions.This means after sometime the more transactions being done the more. Travelcoin will be destroyed creating a scarcity of coins which will increase the value of the coin. Travelcoin blockchain can become the future for travel transactions because, it is made to handle all the travel ticket systems as the DAPPs have produced fields to combine all with present travel systems where the ticket holders and rewards program can be brought together on one platform and make travel business easy and simple for the end user.

Details of the sale:

The sale is LIVE and going on

END date: 15th August 2017.

8. SmartRE ICO

SmartRE is the first Real estate tokenization platform which uses the Ethereum blockchain technology to help both the homeowners and investors. Homeowners have a tremendous amount of money locked in the equity their homes. Investors who are global, have an insatiable appetite for US residential properties, with the top five countries citizens buying over USD 58 billion in 2016; the global total was over USD 100 billion. 

Details of the sale:

The start date of this ICO :13 August 2017 

 End date: 13 September 2017.

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