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Top 5 iOS APPS

Jun 16, 2017 Posted /  3197 Views

Top 5 iOS APPS

Applancer is once released a review of Top 5 Apps and today we have covered iOS Apps only. As there are numerous apps but we have got best apps which will not only entertain you but also help you out with many things.



24*7 shopper - Mobile App

Category – Utility

Looking for getting grocery from wide variety and which is best for your family? Well this app helps you get grocery for your family from wide variety of 4000+ products which range from private labels to brands all under one roof and you can get them within one click. They are Chennai’s 1st online grocery store. This app is developed by Enchanter Corporation.

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Bulldogs American Football: Sports Mobile App - Mobile App

Category – Games

Being a football fan and want to get updates on regular basis? This app is perfect for you as you can keep yourself updated regarding every latest updated for your favorite team anytime. This app is developed by Mobilunity.

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The Hat Game - Mobile App

Category – Entertainment

Confused to choose out of restaurant, movie, etc. with you friends? Your issue has been resolved now. Just put in all the options in this app and it will choose randomly and just head towards there. This app is developed by Clavax.

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Aalam-e-Khusrau (Aga Khan Trust for Culture) App - Mobile App

Category – Utility

Having craze for Sufi music, ghazal or poetry, then this app solves your purpose. By this you can travel to previous times where we used to enjoy them. This app is developed by Nickelfox.

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Movinga - Mobile App

Category – Utility

Now relocating becomes easy with this app in Europe. Just through this app, you can book a lorry and relocate without any hassle and it doesn’t take much time. This app is developed by Syndicode.

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