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Top 3 ICOs For March

Mar 09, 2018 Posted /  13838 Views

Top 3 ICOs For March

1. Lead Coin ICO: LeadCoin is an empowering decentralized network solution where these businesses can buy and sell qualified leads. This project facilitates companies in selling their unused leads to other companies and get value in the form of LeadCoin tokens (LDC). With the help of Lead Coin technology solutions businesses can also have a higher conversion rate as they can buy leads directly from other businesses in their industry as opposed to buying visitors with no qualification at all.

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With the help of Lead Coin platform, businesses can sell high quality leads in real-time, which essentially means that a seller will release a mismatched lead with an immediate need to the buyer. This process will be more efficient, as businesses will not have to deal with marketing campaigns or funnels, saving them time. All of this results in a shorter ROI for firms who are looking for more qualified leads.

2. LetBet ICO: LetBet is all set to transform the online gambling industry. The platform aims to create an intrinsic faith amongst players, developers and service providers with the help of a decentralized system. Letbet plans to execute its vision through smart contracts that utilize blockchain semantics, making a concrete path for a trustless, borderless, secure, and fast online gambling system.

LetBet system eliminates the need of depending on trusted parties, which results in more fair and unbiased outcomes. The Blockchain empowered system arranges for automated rewards based on Smart contracts. The principal contributors, for example, game developers, referrers, and operators of independent platforms replace the trusted parties.

3. ClearCoin ICO: ClearCoin is a technology company that facilitates the real-time buying and selling of media on decentralized applications and helps in broadening digital environment. The global advertising platform bonds advertisers and publishers and tracks all transactions in a proof-of-history ledger. Additionally, this proof-of-history ledger is developed on blockchain and assists in combating ad fraud and inaccuracies.

The platform is operated with the help of ClearCoin token and also used for supporting other members in the ecosystem like advertisers and publishers. The ClearCoin global advertising platform serves up key ad formats like Display, Mobile, Video, Native, Social, Audio, Television, Content, and Search. The technology can be used to support other parties too such as Marketers, Brands, Agencies, Ad Networks, Publishers, Publisher Networks, Demand Side Platforms, Supply Side Platforms, and Data Providers.

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