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Top 25 ICOs for Investment in September 2017

Aug 29, 2017 Posted /  13023 Views

Top 25 ICOs for Investment in September 2017

Top 25 ICOs for Investment in September 2017

1. Paragon Coin ICO 

Details about the ICO: It's a whole unimaginable concept which is quite amazing for the people interested in doing something related to Cannabis. Rapper The Game and Supermodel Jessica Versteeg are presenting you the PARAGON COIN which is a blockchain technology for the cannabis industry. They will work  both online as well as offline to construct a global legalization an actuality.This platform has a lot to offer for all of its users. 

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 15th October 2017

2. Revain ICO

Details about the ICO: From social media to buying different products on various online platforms, we all give reviews, comments etc. Revain ICO is based on the same strategy, is a basically a feedback platform, which is founded on the blockchain technology that does not let to alter reviews and through which its authors get a reward for generating it, where reviews can be given about the various products, businesses and services of various fields.

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 6th September 2017

3. WePower Pre ICO 

Details about the ICO: We all energy of some or the other source, whether its renewable or non renewable. But using the non renewable energy is depleting the sources, thus resulting into unclean energy. The WePower ICO has thought about the problems and consequences about it, and opened a decentralized platform which is an only green energy network based on blockchain as well as on the smart contract technology. The platform is attached to the energy grid and also with the energy exchange markets. It will also be resolving many of the problems in the energy market which prevents us from reaching 100% clean future.

ICO start date:  LIVE

ICO end date: 1 September 2017

4. PayperEx ICO

Details about the ICO: Share market is such amazing platform to earn invest and also many have faced the wrath of it, sadly. Because there are so many uncertainties related to it. PayperEx is a game changer for all the share market enthusiasts, and is going to decentralize the share market scenario by making a substitute trading network using the blockchain technology, its  ambition is to give people from all over the world a reasonable, effortless and reasonably priced chance to take pleasure in the profit of the share market by buying 'Paypers'. They make use of the blockchain technology which will make our network protected and transparent.

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 19th September 2017

5. AlpenCoin ICO 

Details about the ICO:  AlpenCoin have developed various E-Commerce platforms, projects related the market inclination. They have planned to go online and make the portals globally recognized. Basically it is Germany based company, which now has introduced an chance and a platform to participate in the online platforms and software solutions of its other additional companies in the network.

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 11th September 2017

6. BetOpen ICO 

Details about the ICO:  We all love sports, and sometimes betting too! We would definitely love to earn via our favorite sports as well. BetOpen ICO has made it  possible to make bets and earn in crptocurrency. This interesting platform is open for all the sports lovers who want to make bets, whether it's a live betting or pre-game one. BetOpen is a platform. The BetOpen is an online betting platform gives you the right advantages and probabilities in the market on thousands of other sports and special events. While sports betting are the uniqueness of the sportsbook daily supply, they also provide a large range of odds on a number of the world's major political and  entertainment events as well.

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 15th October 2017

7. Substratum ICO 

Details about the ICO: The world is going around or can we say that the world is rising up because of the Web and its huge amount of services. Substratum ICO is the network which allows a person to become a web host on the decentralized internet. Dissimilar from many of the solutions which are based on the blockchain technology, today SubstratumNode is paying attention deeply on User experience. This will allow any person to become a web host and to earn Substrate called the 'SUB' by making their computer turn into a web host with just a little amount of effortless clicks.

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 15th September 2017

8. Umbrella Coin ICO

Details about the ICO: We all love our life, and we therefore make huge investments for the insurance policies today. Umbrella Coin is thus constructing a platform which will provide safety for people and businesses. Their solutions will be based on decentralized and the blockchain technology platform to remove the fees and management costs connected with traditional insurance companies

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 10th October 2017


Details about the ICO: We all are having rights to vote, make opinions, suggest our ideas etc. VOTES is an global platform which is taking votes of any level and thus it uses the smart contracts, over and above the blockchain technologies which provides transparency, honesty of polls, testings, votings, elections and other actions based on the platform.

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 1st September 2017.

10. FARAD Cryptoken ICO

Details about the ICO: Imagine one energy storage power combining with another innovative technology! This idea has been put forward by FARAD Cryptoken ICO, which is a cryptocurrency backed by the Blockchain (Ethereum) ecosystem. Every Farad Cryptoken (“FRD”) stand for the privileges to the forward buy the contract of Ultra-Capacitor Cells. Its mining is based on and totally backed by the manufacturing of ultra-capacitor products and its use.

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 14th September 2017


Details about the ICO: Earn by playing games on the internet and that too in cryptocurrency by investing in this ICO, if that is your forte. The project uses the crypto community and the gaming industry with the feasible allowing gamers to apply a single currency to pay for any games and also exchange GameCoin coins into cryptocurrency or their fiat money. 

ICO start date: 11th September 2017

ICO end date: 29th September 2017

12. Bitindia Pre ICO

Details about the ICO: It's a huge platform and opportunity for Indians, since is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in India and also is the most fitting and safe and sound process of trading  in bitcoins, ethereum and ripple from every corner if India which will be covering a population of more than two billion people.  

BitIndia helps customers to purchase and trade in bitcoins, and also in altcoins like ether and ripple with the help of the local currency.

ICO start date: 11th September 2017

ICO end date: 11th October 2017

13. CarTaxi ICO 

Details about the ICO: Car Taxi ICO is a blockchain platform which is based on Ethereum, and is the first of its kind of an automatic service for car towing, which brings collectively all the tow trucks to a single online network and makes available for the quick and secure transportation of vehicles at whichever time and from anyplace.

ICO start date: 30th August 2017

ICO end date: 29th October 2017

14. Godzillion ICO 

Details about the ICO: Godzillion is a truly decentralized platform which is created in Solidity which functions in Ethereum's Blockchain, via a token called GODZ. It lets small businesses to be chosen on to access a Crowdfunding market and to issue their tokens and replace with GODZ. Investors can vote on startups to receive economic incentives, and then invest in these small businesses, and have the right to use a secondary market where they can sell or buy, Startup tokens.

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 24th September 2017

15. Ties.Network ICO

Details about the ICO: It is a decentralized social platform where the business experts can come together and crack business deals by means of smart contracts in less time. This platform utilizes a dependable rating system, therefore making sure all participants can focus only on business and profit of beneficial associations, and put away the verification and trust related problems to the platform’s incorporated solutions.

ICO start date: 21st September 2017

ICO end date: 12th October 2017

16. Goldmint ICO

Details about the ICO: This platform is backed by a private blockchain, founded on the Graphene technology. The main benefits of Graphene which has strengthened the company’s selection is that it is open-source, and presents  a complete diversity of instruments needed to get their projects to life. Besides, it also holds on to current security standards and has a many of the worldwide financial blockchain systems apprehended on its basis.

ICO start date: 20th September 2017 

ICO end date: 20th October 2017


Details about the ICO: This ICO is the 1st cannabis community to unite blockchain technology with social networking platform to construct a platform that rewards its customers for posting strain reviews as well as rewards assurance to the network.

ICO start date: LIVE 

ICO end date: 15th September 2017 

18. ATB Coin ICO 

Details about the ICO: ATB Coin is a fair POS cryptocurrency that undertakes issues by putting up the most helpful features of Proof of stake algorithm and creates it into even more resourceful, flexible, and responsive because of the use of SegWit. It combines  the majority of the celebrated properties intrinsic to Proof of stake cryptocurrencies collectively with more higher capabilities of SegWit and its proprietary features.

ICO start date: LIVE 

ICO end date: 1st September 2017 

19. Social (SCL) ICO

Details about the ICO: It is a platform that will be used in Nexus social platform, which is a safe and private decentralized social network with incorporated marketplaces, crowd funding and ad platform as well. 

ICO start date: LIVE 

ICO end date: 17th September 2017

20. The Memessenger ICO 

Details about the ICO: It will be world’s first messenger with memes replacing  the words.While messenger market is excess with analogous applications with alike functions, and market leaders quickly turn into social network similar project, this platform moves ahead to minimization style and count on user's entertainment. The Memessenger gives its users ability to interact with each other with the aid of audio and visual stickers only which will be based on traditional  and trendy memes.

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 25th April 2018

21. Cash Poker Pro ICO

Details about the ICO: It is a modern poker room with a system structure and a method for quick and private money transfers based on the blockchain technology. The goal of their project is to make a decentralized online poker room where users can believe in. 

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 6th September 2017

22. SmartRe ICO 

Details about the ICO: It is the 1st real estate tokenization platform which is using the Ethereum blockchain to help out both the homeowners and  as well as the investors. 

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 13th September 2017

23. Jincor ICO 

Details about the ICO: This is a venture supported enterprise interaction tool aimed at helping employees in an organization to tie up with each other and as well as their existing external partners and to set up new business relations with companies around the globe and streamline blockchain transactions relating to the digital assets, contractual, legal procedures by smart contracts.

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 18th September 2017

24. Solar DAO ICO

Details about the ICO: It is a closed end investment fund taking place on the Ethereum blockchain. It designed to decrease risks, costs and exceed technical  

blockade while investing in PV solar plants globally. It raises the money and support financially the PV solar plants across the globe. 

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 31st August 2017

25. EasyMINE ICO

Details about the ICO: The main ideas for easyMINE can be articulated in a single phrase i.e. plug & mine. easyMINE is created to make simpler and make more efficient in the process of setting up,increasing, and administering  a cryptocurrency mine. It will give a total software solution for trouble-free setup and maintenance for the mining equipment.

ICO start date: LIVE

ICO end date: 24th September 2017

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