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Top 20 Tips to Market your App Idea

Feb 14, 2017 Posted /  5605 Views

Top 20 Tips to Market your App Idea

It makes no sense to spend money advertising to get customers because the cost of acquiring new customers is never less than the price of an application. What's more, there are many ways out there to support their applications for free.

Here are 20 of his most creative possibilities:

1. Build a microsite.

The one or two-pager shows their applications to the Web audience. Take cues from Snapchat and Path.

2. Create a Web page teaser.

Make this a month or two before beginning to collect e-mail addresses of people who would like to know when the application launches.

3. Initiation blog.

Attach it to the microsite. Write compelling content that will draw people to your website. Buffer app makes it really effectively.

4. Share your content.

Use your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles to support APP several times a week.

5. Create a video product.

Whether it is a creative, entertaining, provocative or personal. Tell a story, but in a way people can relate to. Here's a big one like the dollar shave club. Entrepreneur Neil Patel says: "Press is the best way to start your launch and the best way to get a hand to stretch journalists."

7. Pitch to review the app website.

Sites like 148apps, AppStoreApps AppAdvice and can generate a lot of buzz for your application if you mention it.

8. Contact bloggers who would care.

Identify bloggers who write for niches that are related to your application. For example, applications can be reclined in children's writing bloggers write for moms.

9. Using the award.

Look into the awards, such as Kiip Build fund or Mobileys. If you win, you also get a lot of press, not to mention the winner of the prize.

10. Commencement podcast.

Publish to iTunes or your own website. Drawing on content from your niche application caters for most.

11. Always will collect e-mails.

Gather potential customers e-mails via Facebook, Twitter or your website. E-mail list of people who signed up is a powerful marketing tool.

12. Create six seconds on both series.

Make the most of Vine videos with potential customers will find useful. Hashtag #howto is one of the top trending tags on the vine.

13. Use Dubbler.

Promote your blog posts or content that has to do with your niche applications Dubbler - 60 seconds sound social network.

14. Post to Pinterest.

Use the blog pictures, infographics and visual content from the applications to create content on Pinterest board. You can even use photos of happy customer data or organize competitions.

15. Walk to acquire customers.

The creator behind Canvsly loaded into the local art schools, libraries and pediatricians to get more customers. Know your audience and reach.

16. Run competition.

For example, you can encourage people to tweet and share content on their social networks that support. Random person every week you can win a promo code to download the application for free, if it is a paid one.

17. Create a Facebook group.

They form a group for people with common interests related to the niche of your applications so they can meet and socialize regularly. If your application caters to tourists, for example, create a tourist group.

18. Yield speaking opportunities.

Research events that touch on the topic of your application addresses and make an appearance. Start small and learn as an authority in the area.

19. Use voicemail.

Include a mention of its creative applications in record voice phone.

20. Being obsessed with solving negative reviews.

Remember: A happy customer is the brand ambassador for their application

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