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Top 15 App Ideas implemented in 2016

Feb 17, 2017 Posted /  6529 Views

Top 15 App Ideas implemented in 2016

Last year, we saw many new and creative apps being launched which went on to be successful. These apps have one thing in common. They all have few features which made them stand apart from the rest apps. These apps focused on the current problems existing in the society and tried to solve them. So, let's look back at the top 15 app ideas that were implemented in 2016 and went on to be successful.

1. Google Allo

Last year Google came up with a brilliant app named Allo. It was a chat application by the Google. It had many unique features like the theme for the app was brilliant. The best thing about the app was the inclusion of the Google Assistant. As a user, you can have a conversation with the Google Assistant whenever he feels bored. It was like having a personal assistant. It gives you all the information that you need.

2. Airtime

Last year we saw the development of airtime. It was basically a video chatting application. The main feature of this application was that maximum of six users can chat with each other simultaneously. It was a great idea if someone wanted to have a group chat with more than one friend simultaneously.

3. Prisma

Prisma was one of the most popular photos editing application, that was launched last year. It was an android application that added some new style and fun to the photos. This app was the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. This app used AI to construct the photo of any user with a new style. The filters were new and made the image stand out from the rest.

4. Backdrops

Backdrops is the unique wallpaper app that contains great design. There were many wallpaper app before this but all of them were not that good. The main feature that made this app stand out from the rest was the design of the wallpapers that it had. The app adds a feature by which user can also share their own image in this application.

5. Newsfold

Newsfold is a news reader application. It lets the user keep track of all the latest news. It had gesture feature which made this app stood out from the rest. The user interface of this app was also good.

6. PhotoScan

This was another brilliant app developed by Google last year. This app turns the old film image into a new high-quality image. Many users still have few old images, which they keep to remember those old times. Now with the help of this app, you can actually turn that old image into a high-quality image.

7. Google Duo

Again Google came up with an amazing idea last year. This app called Duo is a video calling app. This has one extraordinary feature that the person whom you are calling can see your image before picking up the phone. This video calling app created lots of buzzes last year. The quality of video call was also very impressive.

8. Opera VPN

Opera VPN is a free VPN service that launched last year. This app was a great solution to use the blocked sites from the proxy server. This app allowed the user to choose between the five locations USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and Netherlands. It helps you to visit any site from behind the proxy.

9. Slash Keyboard

It was one the best keyboard application released last year. This app included features like you can access many services right from the keyboard; you can send the location of any file on your device right from the keyboard, which made this app popular.

10. Giphy

Giphy released their own official application last year. Now user can easily get lots of good gif at one location through this app. The main thing this app has is its design is very simple and easy to use. Any user can search gif from a large set of the gif, nearly covering all categories, with an ease.

11. Isotope

It's an education application. It shows all the details of elements of the periodic table. This app gives information like the mass, isotopes, properties of various elements of the periodic table.

12. ParcelTrack

This app allows the users to track their parcel. It supports most of the carriers across the world. This app is helpful for the users to always remain updated about any package they have sent.

13. Spill

Spill is an app for all the students out there. This app creates a common platform for all the students. This gives the students platform to discuss any issues of their life which include how to manage the stress, problem of their life.

14. Beats Music

This app was launched last year in the USA only. This app made a strong statement to its competitors like Spotify, iTunes Radio. This app has more than 15 million songs, which you can listen. It also suggests the music based on the user's taste in music.

15. Screens

This app released quite late last year. This app allows the user to add a shortcut to user's home screen, which opens up two apps simultaneously. This app uses the spilt-screen ability of android. You can now easily open two apps and use them simultaneously.

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