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The app industry has become one of the most lucrative businesses as more and more mobile users are using mobile apps. This contributes to the explosion of new apps in different categories, on a daily basis. Today the biggest challenge for both users and app developers is app ideas and discovery. In this water-tight competitive market, it’s hard to say which app idea will be a total boom and which a runaway success. It is true that many of the popular app ideas are basically a shot in the dark but a basic understanding of the market and the needs of customers is a good starting point for generating effective app ideas. Here are top 15 app ideas for 2017:




Choosing the right accounting app means that you will never have to manually enter ledger details, pay extra for employee payroll or generate invoices. There are a lot of accounting apps available right now, some better than others and we have put forth our five top picks. For instance, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Wave etc.




Choosing the best cloud storage service for you doesn’t just help you save on external storage, which is way more expensive, but it also provides accessibility and scalability. SugarSync, Dropbox, GoogleDrvie are few best examples for the same.




Whether you are just starting out or you have an established business, backing up data is crucial. While choosing the best online backup service, you have to consider security, ease of use and restoration speed as well. CrashPlan, Carbonite are few suggestive illustrations.




Cloud storage and online backup might be a necessity but you also need productivity tools that can make collaboration easier for you and your team. The most popular example is Google Doc.




Apart from one-to-one chats, these apps also allow you to set up different channels for different purposes which mean team members will only be notified about a conversation when it’s relevant to them.


For instance, the HR and marketing teams could have different channels to discuss their specific work, and there could be a different channel for watercooler conversations.


Asana is essentially a project management app which allows you to create different teams, projects, tasks and sub-tasks. All of these can be assigned to team members and constantly monitored by you.


For each task, you can add a description, assignee, due date, attachments, labels, comments and access level for other members. Once the task is done, it can be marked as completed. Used by companies like Uber and Foursquare, the tool is free for teams with 15 or fewer members, proving it to be useful for both small and big companies.




Scheduling apps have gone beyond just keeping track of your day-to-day activities. Now they can act as your virtual assistant by scheduling and managing your meetings. So don’t miss out your important trainings and use these apps extensively.

The best examples are Google Calendar. It is undoubtedly one of the best of its kind.

One of the major reasons why Google Calendar is a crowd favourite is because it provides third-party integration with a large number of apps. You can either upload your own calendar file (.ics) or add by an URL. The latter option allows you to add calendars made by other users, whether it’s your team calendar or your company’s holiday calendar.




These bonus app might not belong to a certain category but they can definitely help you run your business better by providing easy app integration, time tracking and note-keeping.


IFTTT is a free business automation app which lets users connect two apps together with an IFTTT recipe. Basically, when you perform a specific function on one app, IFTTT will trigger a reaction on another app. For instance, this IFTTT recipe automatically converts emails into Trello cards when they have been assigned a specific label.




There are regular note-taking apps, and then there is Evernote which takes everything to a whole new level. It is a cloud-based tool which allows you to save notes from any platform, and it quickly syncs the notes, allowing you to access them from anywhere.


Its desktop app can save notes offline and encrypt text with a password. Evernote also has Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which basically means it can identify text in the images you upload, making it the perfect place to save your bills.


Evernote’s Clipper Google Chrome extension is probably one of the favourite tools because it lets the user clip content from any web page and automatically save it to your Evernote account.




An out of the box idea that offers the solution to commonly faced problems can be an apt app idea. In the present app market, the key to stand out is innovation. Such smart ideas make fantastic utility apps.


If you can brainstorm a unique solution for a commonly faced problem, develop a mobile app for it and market it well, there are high chances of making it a top-grosser. For example, Ola and Uber.




If you look at the statistics closely, you will realize that the most downloaded category is education, lifestyle, business, and health and fitness. They remain the top grosser. It is the age of information. However, information is scattered over the internet, so if you develop an app that offers specific information or education, it is bound to make the cut.


If you do a bit of research you will find that most of these apps spread this information in innovative ways, like in quiz formats or by challenging users to different tasks or inspiring them to become entrepreneurs by providing interesting business ideas or concepts. The most popular example is QuizUp.




The popularity and availability of smartphones have changed the way a lot of us live our lives. Smartphones allow us to reach information through the internet instantly. However, searching the right kind of information needs a lot of time and research, which in itself can be a tiring act.


The whole idea of an app is information at your fingertips. Apps serve the multi-faced functions in a user’s life. These software programs are developed for mobiles or tablets providing specific information or entertainment pertaining to their interest.




Being informed is one of the best ways to brainstorm a good idea for an app. As a developer, you not only need a clear understanding of the customer’s interest but also the market you want to win over.


Get as much information as you can. Research through the categories and understand what is the need of the hour. Stiff competition is the order of the day, not only in the app world but in life itself. Strive for innovation and excellence in the products you offer.


To have a brilliant app idea, go through the other brilliant apps that are already out there in different categories and have been successfully making life easier for its users. Know the features of the apps in popular categories, so that you have a clear idea what your app should offer.




The major drawback of food delivery apps is that they start delivering from half an hour after the restaurant opens to an hour before it closes. But as a student who studies usually at night, I know the pain of hunger at night. This app should have a restaurant or a set of cooks dedicated to this purpose. And should deliver from 11am – 8am. This solves our impromptu party woes, our football-at-friend’s place pains, and of course helps us focus at night when we are doing some important work. This is a must have.




An app that makes a list of a nearby medicine store, vegetables seller, fruit shop, groceries, and cosmetics and make their items available for online purchase. The idea of doing it local is that one won’t need a bike or car for delivery. Unemployed poor people can just get a message on their phones asking them to pick up something from a nearby store and deliver it to a local address. This is very convenient and, creates employment opportunities. Even college or school students looking for some extra pocket money can do this job. This helps both ways.




Over time, competition, as well as the demand for unique mobile applications has intensified. Only unique and useful content can help get an extra edge among competitors.


Though a popular app needs a lot of marketing and online PR to stand out in the crowd, the prime factor still remains a standout idea. There are many App Review websites to submit your mobile app. If you can offer a great solution to an existing problem or offer top class entertainment, your app can be the next big thing.

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