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Top 12 ICO Crowdsales for September 2017

Sep 08, 2017 Posted /  4757 Views

Top 12 ICO Crowdsales for September 2017

Top 12 ICO Crowdsales for September 2017

Companies conduct ICOs for the various purpose. The concept is presented to the people and ICOs are conducted to raise funds to support the ideas related to their project.

 The top 15 ICOs are:


Details of the ICO: UTRUST is a revolutionary payment platform that enables buyers to use their favorite cryptocurrency in order to pay sellers (private or merchants). They provide sellers with the safety and convenience of receiving funds in fiat currency, and offer the best consumer-protection to buyers, by acting as trusted mediators. They are combining the best payment protection features of current-generation fiat systems with the innovative features of blockchain by blending in the unique features provided by UTRUST token. 

Start date: 20th September

End date:  30th October


Details of the ICO: The GameCoin project makes an integration of the gaming industry with crypto-community possible enabling gamers to use a single currency to pay for any games and convert GameCoin coins into cryptocurrency or fiat money. Thus, the technology becomes a topical innovative tool for both gaming platforms and its users, and also offers excellent investment opportunities for all who believe in the future of the gaming industry and the cryptocurrency.    

Start date: 11th September

End date: 29th September

3. Kinguin with Blockchain ICO 

Details of the ICO: Kinguin to offer decentralized game-trading platform built on blockchain technology, providing a wide range of products and services related to games.

Start date: Live

End date: 12th September

4. DMarket ICO

Details of the ICO: DMarket is a global marketplace solution that turns every virtual item into real commodity. DMarket is a new ecosystem where gamers, developers and entrepreneurs can efficiently and securely evaluate and trade virtual items.Thus, it creates a new economy that joins with existing real-equity markets. 

Start date: 1st November

End date: 2nd November

5. BmyCoin ICO

Details of the ICO: BmyBit enables automatic trading across multiple digital assets exchanges. It makes the investing in the world's most popular digital markets has never been easier, with their enhanced feature and a perfect well-organized platform for trading, providing solutions to many of the problems. The BmyCoin is a MultiChain token. The Token's purpose is to allow users registered at to pay fees for using the platform's services, most notably the Personal Automated Trading System (PATS), as well as to hold a portion of the platform.

Start date: Live

End date: 29th September

6. Transmission ICO

Details of the ICO: Transmission is an organization of electronic transfers the ground-breaking changes of  the traditional philosophy of present currencies transfer and conversions. Anywhere you are in the world, the transmission service will permit you to transfer money to your relatives, friends, business partners in a few minutes or exchange your money into any other world currency as well as crypto-currencies at a direct current exchange rate.

Start date: Live

End date: 9th September

7. Bitindia Pre ICO

Details of the ICO: BitIndia is a suitable and safe platform to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple in India. Its objective is to become India's biggest blockchain based technology exchange platform, where people can securely invest in their projects, by using cryptocurrencies. It has the potential and planning technique to bring the blockchain and cryptocurrency based changes in India. In the upcoming days,when  India will increasingly accept the cryptocurrency use, this platform can be helpful for all the investors to do the investment, exchange via the BitIndia ( wallets and crypto exchange platform. 

Start date: 11th September

End date: 11th  October

8. Fantasy Market ICO

Details of the ICO: Fantasy Market is an innovative marketplace for live and user directed performances. Using their token, you control what the performers say and does during the show. This intimate level of user interaction will revolutionize the live entertainment industry. 

Start date: Live

End date: 18th September 

9. BetOpen ICO

Details of the ICO: The BetOpen online betting platform gives you the best advantages and chances in the market on football betting, and tennis betting aand also on thousands of other sports and special events. While sports betting is the characteristics of the sportsbook daily supply, they also give a wide range of odds on some of the world's major political and  entertainment events. 

Start date: Live

End date: 15th October

10. Revain ICO

Details of the ICO: Revain is a new generation feedback platform, which is based on the blockchain technology that does not let to change or delete reviews and its authors get a reward for creating it.

Start date: Live

End date: 6th September 

11. AlpenCoin ICO


Details of the ICO: It is a company ML Invest, which is headquartered in Munich, Germany, has introduced an opportunity and a platform to participate in the online platforms and software solutions of its other subsidiaries. 

Start date: Live

End date: 11th  September 

12. Cove Identity ICO

Details of the ICO: It is your safe space online. It offers you end-to-end control of your most important documents and your digital identity. It helpos to effortlessly digitize and securely store digitally-verified copies of your most important documents, and safely share them with whomever you choose. If you’re using Cove, your data is as safe and as private as it can be. 

Start date: 21st September 

End date: 31st October

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