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Top 10 ongoing ICO to invest - September 2, 2017

Sep 02, 2017 Posted /  5400 Views

Top 10 ongoing ICO to invest - September 2, 2017

Top 10 ongoing ICO to invest - September 2, 2017

1. Transmission ICO

Details of the ICO: Transmission ICO will bring a change to the current market of exchanges related to the cryptocurrencies, where they offer to give benefits to the multi currencies transfer, and conversions as well. They also support cryptocurrencies trade on a global level. 

ICO ending on: 9th September

2. BmyCoin ICO

Details of the ICO: It enables the user to experience automated trading with the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. It is a cloud based web application which uses the predictive analysis which is connected via APIs. This platform without holding the user's fund, will let them do the automated trading.

ICO ending on: 29th September

3. Fantasy Market ICO

Details of the ICO: It is an adult entertainment based ICO where the user can demand his desired things from the performer on the live cam. This all will be based on blockchain network, and the payments will be made in cryptocurrencies. The user will have the full control over the events happening in the live interaction between the performer and himself.

ICO ending on: 18th September

4. BetOpen ICO

Details of the ICO: It is a blockchain technology based platform which allows sports betting, where the token holders can get lifetime benefits. The platform supports many types of sports and events related to politics, entertainment and premier leagues of many sports. 

ICO ending on: 15th October

5. Revain ICO

Details of the ICO: It is a review based platform which is backed by blockchain network, which makes sure that all the reviews are genuine, which are manually saved on the blockchain network, and using KYC process and AI as well,and the comments on the network cannot be tampered. 

ICO ending on: 6th September

6. PayperEx ICO

Details of the ICO: This ICO aims to decentralize the share market and thus by creating a substitute over the blockchain technology for trading. It wants to offer every person who is interested in share market an opportunity to indulge in it by giving a transparent, safe platform, where two people can have interaction directly.

ICO ending on: 19th September

7. Alpencoin ICO

Details of the ICO: Alpencoin has served as a platform to provide many of its services in collaboration with e-commerce platforms. Germany based ML investment company has been launching Alpencoin ICO, where the user gets the shares of the e-commerce platforms, and a shared profit on monthly repayment basis.

ICO ending on: 11th September

8. Farad cryptoken ICO

Details of the ICO: Based on the production of energy storing ultra capacitor Farad, it has teamed up with blockchain network which is based on ethereum smart contracts, and are actually mined on the production of Farad ultra capacitors, the record of the production will be on the blockchain network, thus offering a transparent and immutable system, which will give all of their subscribers assurance and security on the network.

Pre ICO ending on: 14th September 

ICO ending on: 30th September 


Details of the ICO: It is the blockchain technology based platform which lets users to support their favourite ICO. They will get extra perks like early discount, for the proposed ICOs. It is platform which allows other ICOs to promote their products and services.

ICO ending on: 15th September

10. CarTaxi ICO

Details of the ICO: It is a blockchain technology based platform which has the concept of car towing. It is a self automated car towing service based platform, providing facilities like transportation from one place to another with the fastest and safest means.

ICO ending on: 29th October

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