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Top 10 Latest ICOs to invest in July 2017

Jun 30, 2017 Posted /  8814 Views

Top 10 Latest ICOs to invest in July 2017

Top 10 Latest ICOs to invest in July 2017:

Currently, the launch of lots of new crypto coins are happening and they use their own ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for their crowdfunding. Many people even new to the cryptocurrency are coming forward for investing in various cryptocurrencies and their ICOs knowing the full potential of the blockchain technology and the huge profits they can make in the cryptocurrency industry. When you invest in the ICO of a crypto coin, you should be careful about not losing your investment. You should only invest in coins which are sure to get a high market value, which is sure to have a future.

Let's look into the list of the top 10 ICOs in which one should surely invest:


The Data Interchange Module (DIM) cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency which works on the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) model. It is a secure, robust and private digital solution. The DIM is completely built on the network NEM. NEM is a new cryptocurrency on P2P model and blockchain platform which has introduced many additional features to the blockchain technology which ensure the safety and security of the transactions.

It is not just a cryptocurrency, but it is a complete financial ecosystem. The ICO of DIMCOIN countdown is scheduled from 1st to 30th of June. The pre-ICO will happen from 1st to 15th of July. The DIMCOIN ICO will be from 16th July to 27th August. Each person interested in buying the cryptocurrency should make sure that they are eligible to buy the particular currency according to the place of residence. 1 DIM Token means 100 DIMCOINS. Total supply of the tokens is limited to 10 million. For getting the commission of token holders, they should have at least 50 tokens. The maximum purchase limited to a person is 4,500,000 Tokens. All cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, XEM, DASH, USDT are accepted.

2. Suretly ICO:

Suretly is a platform derived from a unique concept known as crowd vouching. Crowdvouching is the procedure of guaranteeing a loan payment by vouching money contributions from a large number of investors or co-signers. It has many advantages over the P2P lending platforms. In this, the vouchers or the investors don't actually lend any money to the borrowers, but they will act as a guarantee to repay the loan amount of the borrower in the case of borrower's default. Suretly is releasing their token SUR and its ICO is planned to happen from July 11 to August 11 with a goal of achieving $1.5 million to $10 million U.S.D. Then SURcoin which is the highest investor will issue a crowd sale where all willing users can buy these tokens in exchange for different cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, Waves, etc. The initial exchange rate of SUR token will be 0.1 ETH or the equivalent of that amount in any of the other cryptocurrencies.

3. (GGS) ICO: (GGS) is an Ethereum based E-sports platform where individual players and teams compete in popular e-sports games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, etc. The biggest problem in any gaming platform is the fraud transaction and in-game cheating. The aim of GGS is to eliminate this via using decentralized, secure Ethereum for transactions. The GGS tokens can be used for playing in matches and win further tokens, ranking rewards, vetoing debated match results, organizing private tournaments, for betting events, etc. ICO for will last four weeks from June 20 to July 20. Anyone can invest in the GGS with ETH. there are other third party services for conversion to ETH if anyone has other cryptocurrencies. It has an initial supply of 120,000,000 GGS tokens.

4. SilverCoin (SVC) ICO:

The SilverCoin (SVC) tokens work on a proof-of-change protocol. This is a community engagement platform where more amount of money can be obtained as profit when more amount of information is shared on the platform. This global web monetization platform finds a solution for a real-world problem which is not currently addressed. In this, there are no worries for a broken blockchain since it uses the NXT blockchain. The P2P transactions without the interference caused by any third parties are possible. The ICO starts from June 20th of 2017 and ICO starts at a minimum of 0.00003000 BTC per coin. Users can receive SilverCoins in their wallet securely and immediately from every transaction. In ICO, the total supply of tokens is limited to 100,000,000 tokens. Users can purchase using BTC, credit cards or by bank transfer. 

5. Bitquence ICO:

ICO of Bitquence will be happening from June 28th to July 28th. The vision of Bitquence is to make the daunting cryptocurrency market available and accessible even to the average users. It provides the complete authority of financial transactions to the users with the decentralized and secure blockchain technology. The BQX token work on a unique Proof-of-Stake technology. There is a universal wallet which allows all the users to transfer and exchange different cryptocurrencies and to know about values of various cryptocurrencies in the market. The target of the ICO is to reach 15,000 ETH. Once this value is raised, they will continue the token sale for next 72 hours for no users to miss the opportunity of joining the platform.

6. Spectiv VR ICO:

Spectiv  is a platform for streaming virtual reality. Technology enthusiasts look upon VR as the next great technological invention. Spectiv VR provides a platform that allows users and organizations to stream their virtual reality experiences to the world. The tokens of Spectiv platform are two types Specs and Sig. Specs support internal platform functions like tipping, premium content purchases, and ad rewards. Sigs are ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain to increase the growth of the virtual reality industry. Users can earn Sigs by sharing virtual reality content on the platform. The ICO will happen for 21 days from 14th August to 4th September till 45,000ETH is raised.

7. The Tap Project ICO:

With the EThereum's current cap value reaching a high value of 8.2 billion USD, Ethereum has paved the way for many innovations in different fields and industries. Tap project aims at creating an Ethereum based cryptocurrency. Along with that, by partnering with different developers they are building a smooth and elegant platform which can traverse multiple games and platforms. The crowdfunding is done via an ICO which is to be held soon with an aim of raising a maximum of 75,000 ETH. Transactions are done either in the form of Bitcoins or Ethereum. The tap coins can be exchanged with any cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Fund raised in the ICO in different percentages will be utilized for partnering with different developers, as rewards, Tap project legacy that is to be given to the stakeholders and investors. There are many bonuses offered for investors as well as rewards issued for users. 

8. Dentacoin (Exclusive Presale) ICO:

Dentacoin is a new Ethereum-Based Token, designed exclusively and for the first time for the Dental Industry. The presale of the token will start on July,1st. Dentacoin token's total supply is limited to 8 trillion Dentacoins (8000000000000 DCN). After ICO, no Dentacoins will be produced and they cannot be mine thereafter. During the presale, users are able to purchase the tokens 233% cheaper than their actual value. 1 Ethereum is equivalent to 8000000 DCN. It will be a revolution in the medical industry since its just a start of involvement of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the dental or medical industry.

9. Ahoolee ICO:

Ahoolee is the first cryptocurrency and platform dedicated to online shopping globally. The basic working of the platform is It compares the prices of a particular commodity from different online stores in a secure and decentralized platform and the authenticity of the comparison results are ensured using the blockchain technology. The main advantage of Ahoolee is that it can analyze the whole E-commerce market completely and its open source. Along with that, Ahoolee’s own cryptocurrency will enable users to purchase any items from any of the stores listed on the platform. Currently, there are almost 40 million stores in the platform which is increasing day by day. Ahoolee tokens or AHC tokens are built on EThereum platform and any user can buy the tokens from their website through digital wallets using BTC, ETH or even fiat currency.

10. OpenANX (OAX) ICO:

By utilizing the latest technologies and peer-to-peer and open source codes, the OpenANX platform integrates the existing CEM (Centralized Exchange model) model with the best functionalities and features of a decentralized blockchain technology. The OPenANX coins are built on the EThereum platform. It is combining the features of traditional systems like Asset Gateways into Ethereum payment channels like Ox, ERC20, Swap, etc. Asset Gateways take real-world assets such as EUR or USD fiat currency as its input and in turn convert this currency to ERC20  tokens onto  the blockchain. The fund will be raised for the OAX token by ICO which will be happening from 22nd June onwards. There will be a second round for the ICO after the initial prototype of the platform is developed and launched.The total supply of the tokens is limited to one hundred million.

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