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Top 10 ICOs that will be starting soon as on 20 July 2017

Jul 20, 2017 Posted /  3537 Views

Top 10 ICOs that will be starting soon as on 20 July 2017

Top 10 ICOs that will be starting soon as on 20 July 2017:

1. Kencoin ICO:

Kencoin is a fully anonymous cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain technology that makes adult entertainment transactions safe, secure, and completely private. With just a click, Kencoin users can pay for access to the adult content they seek, without risk of exposure or disclosure of any personal details. The token ICO is scheduled to start from August 22nd. It will continue for next 21 days. Out of the total supply of 1 billion tokens, 600 million KCN tokens are reserved for the purpose of the ICO.

2. S3ntigraph ICO:

s3tigraph is a platform that works based on the blockchain technology that can generate graphical emotions based on the textual inputs that it receives. Graph, the s3ntigrapH token is based on the Waves platform, even though the s3ntigraph platform is Ethereum based. Graph, being a non ERC20 token cannot “play” in the Ethereum blockchain. However, s3ntigrapH’s “in-dapp” functionalities are completely independent of any tokens. The graph will thus be conceptualized as a store of value and ownership of s3ntigraph. The first fundraiser is scheduled from July 20 to August 4th. Cryptocurrencies Waves, BTC and ETH are accepted for the ICO. 1 Waves = 1 Graph and 1 ETH = 60 Graph, the value of BTC is not yet declared.

3. Bits Digit ICO:

BITS DIGIT is a platform that can be thought of as a one-stop solution for the SMEs and shapes the foundation for a community of crypto currency users: companies, startups, traders, customers and merchants into a viable market, combining the latter three elements into an ecosystem that can boost the mass adoption of crypto currency. The token of the BITS DIGIT platform is the BITSD token which is based on Ethereum. The total supply of the tokens is limited to 7,000,000. The ICO or crowd sale of the BITSD tokens is scheduled on August 1st.

4. Sosnovkino ICO:

Sosnovkino is a Land development project aims to provide all its users the very high profit that can be earned from this industry. The company has their land area worth $3000000 and covering 194 hectares. The company's goal is to create an infrastructure consisting the sewage system, electric system, pipeline connections and all other facilities, and to sell that infrastructure for a value 6 times its initial price. The ICO for the SNKCOINS will be happening from July 26th to August 26th with an aim of raising $2700000. ICO is to support the land asset project and to help launch the crypto token of the platform.

5. Star Wars Coin ICO:

Driven by the cryptographic breakthrough of the blockchain ledger and anonymous cryptocurrencies, Star Wars Coin (SWC) has been developed as the new currency of the now-decentralized Star Wars community, the most engaged fan community on planet Earth. There are several features such as their own fan controlled Senate, currency, voting system, trade mechanisms, financed movies and even space exploration program makes the project and the cryptocurrency very interesting. The Star Wars Crowdsale will begin on July 26th, 2017.  Star Wars coin is distributed at the price of 1,138 Star Wars Coin to ETH.

6. BitClave ICO:

BitClave is a decentralized platform which enables the direct interactions of customers and business eliminating the need for third parties or intermediaries. One of the important features of the BitClave platform is the BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE). Consumer Action Token (CAT) is the token of the platform and its Pre-ICO is scheduled from 25th July to 1st August.

7. COSS Token Swap ICO:

Crypto-One-Stop-Solution (COSS) is a platform providing positions of different cryptocurrencies and positions of various online payment technologies in the developing market and economy. The COSS platform unifies all transactional aspects that are usually managed by means of FIAT money and offers multiple cryptocurrency-related services in one place. The COSS ICO is scheduled from August 8th to September 6th and the coin's total supply is limited to 130,000,000 COSS tokens.

8. Wolk ICO:

Wolk is an advertising data exchange based on the Blockchain technology. The platform is created by data scientists and experts who have vast experience in digital advertising and performance-based marketing. The crypto coin of the Wolk platform is the Wolk token based on Ethereum platform. The ICO of the token is scheduled from August 28th to September 28th.

9. PAquariam ICO:

PAquarium is a donation based crowdfunding, which offers any individual sacrifice $ 3.00 per month for 3 years to build the largest aquarium in the world. An idea that brings people together and manifests itself in a visible way - world's largest PAquarium. PAquarium is using ICO as a mechanism for attracting investments for crowd funded project. The ICO of the token is scheduled from 20th July to 24th August.

10. Presearch ICO:

Presearch is an open decentralized search engine based on the blockchain technology which has an Ethereum based token known as Presearch token which is given as reward and fee for different services offered on the platform. BTC and ETH are the accepted cryptocurrencies in the ICO. Total supply of the tokens is limited to 1 Billion tokens. The ICO is scheduled from July 25th to August 25th.

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