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Top 10 ICOs for August 2017

Aug 02, 2017 Posted /  20381 Views

Top 10 ICOs for August 2017

Top 10 ICOs for August 2017

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) also termed as Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO) is mainly owned by start-up firms to evade the rigorous and organized capital-raising procedure that are needed by project capitalists or banks.

ICOs are used by start-up companies in bringing up money to their projects or may also be used to keep an end to that project.

We come here with an example for successful ICO venture i.e., ‘Ethereum’ that the scheme uses Ethers as coin tokens. In the initial phases, the amount raised for ICO is $0.40 per Ether. Owing to many successful reasons for ICO these are designated as crowd sales.

The catalogue of ICOs that are to be invested in the month of August 2017 are:


TravelCoin helps travellers to bring many benefits such as making use of all the tickets and tokens in one hand which indirectly adds modern techniques of blockchain technology like transfer-capabilities, providing rewards at any time and easy adaptability. The travel segment deals with more individuals than any other sector gains. This division is ahead of 7 times than automotive manufacturing, 5 times than global chemicals industry and advances by 2 times than financial assisting sector.

#2 SmartRe ICO:

With the launch of SmartRe, the more people who gains benefit from this are homeowners and shareholders. It is designated as the leading dais for real estate tokenization. SmartRe stumbles on the cases that are: 

Why not the regular international resident?

Why not to solicit dollar in one asset and further in a second assets?

Why not the hard cash sealed in home be turned into additional debt and not be bothered about interest rate variances?

#3 Ahoolee ICO:

It is the world’s top search engine tool that is committed to universal online shopping. With reference to blockchain technology, this ICO makes use of decentralized stage for open accumulation and indexing data from different type of sources with affirmation of accuracy. With the method of elasticsearch, and with some techniques we boost up the search quality.


It is denominated as polestar for first-class live broadcast Entertainment that associates spectators from various countries across the globe to be in-line with our in-house sketches 

occurring at different stages. Rasputin Online Coin (ROC) is a coin circulated with Ethereum venture where this monetizes 5,000,000 coins for an ICO. This is also an ERC20 submissive token giving the authority to claim periodical earnings of Live Show Rooms.

#5 PeerBanks ICO:

It is entirely based on Dapps and is a stage for totally decentralized blockchain speculation. Driven by Waves Platform network we came up as the leading decentralized IRA’s Resources for employment pullout of the people. It works on the strategies of IRA Firms providing pension schemes where people can access their money in local currency.


In the prospect of offering a chance to engage in huge development digital valuations like domain terms and crypto currency. This was initially established as “Domain Developers Fund” in the area of Cayman Island. Accounting to hold premiums of,, or, DDF comes with an amount of 1,350 premium domains.

#7 EasyMINE ICO:

In easing the procedure of establishing, growing up and controlling a cryptocurrency mine this easyMINE was initiated. It clears all the glitches that are related to software. EasyMINE is targeted at both complete basic people, who are excited in setting up their primary mining apparatus, and knowledgeable miners, who will be pleased about the augmented competence and organize our answer. Our aim is to give better output with features of unique, and strong.

#8 Kencoin ICO:

Aiming at the division of adult entertainment this ICO was brought up and is an industrydetailed cryptocurrency. The main goal that it is going to serve is for secure connections in all gender and dating-related acquisitions. Kencoin provides a key solution for the problems of losing business amounts in daily life that is due to short of their security. It engages to deal with ambiguity and delight, safety and protected transactions, whereas offering earlier impervious alpha to adult business traders.

#9 COSS Token Swap ICO:

To provide life for the Crypto One Stop Solution (COSS for short) platform this COSS ICO was generated lined up with the design of Ethereum. This offers development for various cryptocurrencies.

#10 ACT ICO:

It is a scheme of DAO subscribing public responsibility by accumulating micro funds from public and uses those funds to extract proposals for drive variations. Along with these ICOs there are many kind of ICOs that can be of Ziber ICO, Solar DAO ICO, BisDigit ICO, S3ntigrapH ICO and AltoCar ICO. 

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