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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Jul 11, 2017 Posted /  2559 Views

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

Online crypto exchanges are platforms where users all around the world can buy, sell or exchange their cryptocurrency to fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.

Here is the list of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges:

1. Zaif Exchange:

Zaif is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan. They allow exchanging and buying/selling various tokens such as BTC, NEM, XEM, MONA etc for JPY. Zaif allows beginners to start cryptocurrency exchange with low risk. The main advantage of the exchange is that even for the first time, the transaction fee is not charged. For those who have completed the identity verification, they will give 0.01% of transaction fee as a bonus. The Zaif exchange also allows margin trading.

2. Gatecoin Exchange:

Gatecoin is a regulated and secure Bitcoin and Ethereum token exchange headquartered in Hong Kong. They have a decentralized, secure, scalable and modular exchange platform where Banklike security measures are provided. They use both KYC and AML procedures for security. Through a market maker rebate program, they introduce liquidity to the site constantly. They have a very efficient user interface which is even suitable for mobile phones and tablets.

3. Coincheck Exchange:

Coincheck is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the Asia, situated in Japan. They provide ways for fast and secure transactions. Users can purchase bitcoin, Ether, Factom, XRP and many other crypto tokens using the platform. They provide high-security measures for the BTC exchange and allows different methods of withdrawal and deposit.

4. BTC-E Exchange:

BTC-E is a cryptocurrency exchange which is concentrated in the East Europe. It provides facilities for Fiat-fiat, fiat-crypto, crypto-crypto and all sorts of monetary exchanges. Their advantages include trading of cryptocurrencies in automatic mode, the addition of deposits in USD within 24 hours, instant deposit or withdrawal schemes for all cryptocurrencies and withdrawal of USD within 72 hours. The platform also allows deposits in the form of E-currency as well as wire transfers.

5. Cryptopia Exchange:

Cryptopia is a New-Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange which allows an easy and secure conversion of cryptocurrency. The Cryptopia platform allows users to sell anything to anyone around the world in exchange for the cryptocurrencies. It is a platform which allows multiple crypto coins. For each coin listed on the platform, they provide mining equipment, exchange services, marketplace and much more for every user.

6. CCEDK Exchange:

CCEDk is a crypto exchange established in Denmark in 2014. It is a blockchain technology based design to facilitate startups with services worldwide. They offer a kit for crowdfunding and other services. They provide support to startups in all tasks like marketing, ICOs, Pre-launch campaigns, etc. The team is trying to constantly upgrade the platform since its launch.

7. BitSquare Exchange:

Bisq or BitSquare is an open-source desktop application based on the P2P exchange network that allows the users to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies in exchange of National currencies. It enables the users to start their trading in less than  10 minutes.  Since its build on the P2P technology, they have many features, unlike any crypto exchanges. The features include it is instantly accessible, safe, private, decentralized, easy and secure.

8. QuadrigaCX Exchange:

It's one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges in the world which is located in Canada. The platform allows the safe and secure exchange and transfer of BTC, and other cryptocurrencies. They have huge security measures like encrypted cold storage, 2-factor authentication, intelligent threat detection and collaborative security with Cloudflare. They offer many crypto trading features like e-transfer funding within 24 hours, instant online funding using Interac, etc.

9. Luno Exchange:

Luno is a UK-based Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange platforms which provide very secure transactions through the platform. They make it easy for users to buy, store and learn about Bitcoin. They also provide wallet facility along with crypto exchange facility in different countries.

10. BTCC Exchange:

BTCC is one of the main cryptocurrency exchange platforms based on CNY (Chinese Yuan) to BTC (Bitcoin). They also allow for the exchange of LItecoins. Users can find the best price available for various crypto commodities using the platform. They offer a healthy liquidity in the platform so that its safe to use this platform even for beginners.

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