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Top 10 Apps on Applancer - credits a regular user

May 21, 2017 Posted /  6458 Views

Top 10 Apps on Applancer - credits a regular user

1.      QuizUp:  

It’s the best app among all 10. The quizzes are challenging and you learn something. It

contain all categories like educational, movies, soap operas, logos & many more.

It’s fun and educational at the same time. The quizzes are more challenging when we get to play with opponent. It also allows players to chat.



2.      Bulb Fiction:  

It’s a good time-pass puzzle game without any complexity to understand. The UI is good and working is smooth. Also there are no ads in this game which is a plus point.



3.      GST Helpline:  

GST Helpline is very useful app at this time to get latest updates related to GST. It provides better GST guide for professional and students. Everything needed to know about GST including the latest updates is found here. Its new UI is awesome and discussion forum and video features are amazing.




4.      4 PICS 1 WORD:

The game is fun and challenging where 4 images hints to 1 word. It also supports multiplayer. They give us clues when we are stuck at one level for a long time. The design of game is amazing.



5.      HaikuJAM:

It is a good app for people who like poems. They can read as well as write their poem.

Person is required write a few words on any topic and two others will add to your thought. The result is a 3 line poem written by 3 strangers. The app brings the inner you out, in a very ravishing way.



6.      Cinepic:  

It’s a very smooth & elegant app. The combination of videos over wallpaper with music is amazing. The video created is typical Instagram/Facebook upload type.



7.      Urja:  

Urja App is a needed app for Indian Citizen. This App is transparent to get our state DISCOM status regarding loss level as well as supply status. Nice app for urban towns, to check the status of complaints , connection released, e-payment, planned outage schedule of respective towns.



8.      Mumpa:

Mumpa is a best app for parenting. It contains activities, blogs, video resources, deals, discussions, and content for parents to discuss. It is quite user friendly.



9.      ThinTea:

ThinTea is an app loaded with recipes which help to detox your body by burning the extra fat of your body. It does not require special permissions from phone. It has smooth navigation



10.  Cine Whoop:

This app lets you book movie tickets and avail food coupons.


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