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Top 10 Apps liked on your platform

May 30, 2017 Posted /  5450 Views

Top 10 Apps liked on your platform

A regular Applancer user writes about Top 10 Apps that she likes on our platform.

1)    Wizzi 
Developed by Mobiloitte Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd

Category: Education

Wizzi is an app that every students need. It connects the students with questions with the students with answers. For every doubt in our academics, it is not always possible to approach the teacher. When we have doubt, we usually ask few of our friends and if they don’t know the answer then we skip the question. This platform allows us to connect with thousands of students from the same field and share the knowledge in an effective way.


2)    QuizUp
Developed by: Fueled

Category: Entertainment

Everyone loves playing games. And if it’s a multiplayer game then one would definitely give it a try. QuizUp is among them. It is a multiplayer game that lets us meet new people with common area of interest. In this game we can challenge our friends too.

3)   Afterlight
Developed by: Fueled
Category: Utility

With the increase in the presence of social media, photo editing has become popular. Whenever we talk about photo editing, Photoshop is the first thing that comes to our mind, but everyone doesn’t know how to use it and it takes a lot of time to learn and master Photoshop. Afterlight app provides a portable solution to it. It is easy to learn and has straight forward editing feature. It has simple design so anyone can use it easily.

4)   Barnoparichay
Developed by: Innofied Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Category: Education 

I am currently studying in West Bengal and being a non-native Bengali speaker, I know how much important is knowing the language. This app teaches the language in an interactive way to kids which will improve their reading and writing skills. Not only kids, people of any age ( those who don’t know the language) can learn using the app.


5)   Call Blocker
Developed by: D Amies Technologies
Category: Utility

With the increase in spam and marketing calls, Call Blocker is a must app for anyone with a smart phone. The beautiful feature that makes it stand out of the rest is user can add initial few digits from which a number can start & it blocks all the numbers starting with those digit.

6)   Dirty Dish
Developed by: Mobiloitte Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd
Category: Entertainment

Finding a good restaurant is always a pretty hectic task. One cannot just wander around to seek for Restaurant. Also it is very difficult to know which restaurants offer what? Having Dirty Dish app gives us the flexibility to choose from any restaurants providing us with the menu. The outstanding feature is that it answer all questions even if it is very basic.

7)   SGCarDepre2
Developed by: Mobiloitte Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd
Category: Utility

Buying a car is always a precious moment for us. But what if we are not updated with the latest models and brand. Finding in the search engine is very difficult. SGCarDepre2 app is the perfect car shopping companion. Sitting at home, we can browse through the latest models and brands of the car along with its feature. Also, we can find out it market price so that we are not cheated.

8)   Strings
Developed by: Mobiloitte Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd
Category: Social Networking

Strings is a new kind of social app. I like the way it brings up the post. It lets us share pictures, videos with our friends.

9)   I-Azzia
Developer: Rosberry

                    Many of us have cars or bike that we don’t use and is kept in the garage or many of us wish to buy a car or bike nut don’t have enough money. I-Azzia is for both of them. Here, we can rent or                     lease our yachts, cars and bikes.

10) Phyzseek
Developed by:  Rosberry
Category: Health

Staying fit is everyone’s dream but what we lack is motivation. Phyzseek app gives us that, It provides us the personalized workouts, detailed videos etc. But the main thing is helps us to maintain proper form and compete with friends and peers by seeing our rank on the leaderboard.

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