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Top 10 App Ideas for 2017

May 19, 2017 Posted /  6296 Views

Top 10 App Ideas for 2017

Top 10 app ideas for 2017

Applications seem to be the new escape to our modern day problems. There are now a variety of Apps in the market that have hugely aided our daily life activities. Though there are numerous types of Apps, we can still have few more additions to the Market. Few are as follows:

1. KOS (King of Assignments)

There are a huge number of students who either have no clue on the procedure of the Assignment, struggling to meet the Deadlines, running short of the Material, and endless issue. That’s where we come into the scene as a savior and help them to wrap up with their Assignments at a nominal few. We would hire few upgraded students to help us out with that and reward the students through Certificates or Stipend.

2. Pocket Friend

      This app will accept a budget entered by us and plan a hangout for the given time in a given location. This would help to avoid overspending.


This App makes donations more convenient. We can search for the needy according to the type of the donations we would like to make. Using this we can help the needy around us.

4. Read-It

This helps readers across the world to read the books they like and write reviews on the App which would available to other readers to judge a book not by its cover but by its Reader.

5. Fake-It

Not as harsh as it sounds. Many times when we are asked about our location, it so happens that we lie about the place but the surrounding goes against us and increases the chances of us getting caught. No worries! We have got an App that can make your lies sound True.  It will contain certain pre-recorded customized surrounding like, travelling in a Bus, Or in a lecture and club it while being on a call.

6. Let me Know

This app can be termed as an E-counseling platform for all the confused students. An integrated app that will help students from all fields and at all level to plan up for their future and Career.

7. Pocket Money

Isn’t it frequent as a student that we again and again fall short on our Pocket money and yet hesitate to borrow? Well we have that sorted as well. We bring to u an app where an employer hires on a daily basis for a particular job that once you complete, are paid with a token amount or more like a Pocket Money. And trust us the work provided would barely need any efforts just few helping hands.

8. One Word Short

English is a universally demanded skill and in most Profession , Brevity is prime concern. This app lets you enter a sentence and returns you one word for that. Seems simple and sweet!


As the name suggests the App would provide several types of NGOs with procedures to join them. A convenient way of approaching an NGO for any aid or to provide aid.

10.  Slam-Book

Remember Slam Books when we were about to leave schools< well this is an E-Slam book where you send a request to another person who accepts it and starts filling your book. Once your given number of pages in a slam book are up, you can customise it your way and get it Printed. One of the Cutest Concepts.

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