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This Is How Online Games Can Significantly Benefit from Blockchain Technologies

Feb 18, 2018 Posted /  2993 Views

This Is How Online Games Can Significantly Benefit from Blockchain Technologies

The Massive Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has emerged to become one of the most successful businesses in the virtual entertainment industry. With millions of developers across the world making games for a variety of platforms then there is no doubt that this industry will continue to strive for a very long period of time.

Gaming houses are now adapting blockchain technologies to use in developing a monetary system that can be used to carry out transactions in the virtual gaming world. Blockchain incubation in the gaming industry with no doubt will strive given the fact that the first instant of P2P technologies started from this industry. One of the global gaming giants, high fidelity Labs is developing a blockchain solution to boost the usage of its internal gaming currency.

It’s believed that the core ideas of the technologies that led to the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology originated within the gaming industry even though no documentation is available to prove this theory.

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However, there are hundreds if not thousands of cryptocurrency projects basing their core business functionalities on gaming. The list of these projects includes those in which some cryptocurrency is mined while playing a game and those where players compensate game developers through a cryptocurrency.
Diversifying Business Models
The rise of cryptockitties on the ethereum network became one of the world’s most successful instances of gaming business in the cryptocurrency industry. Cryptokitties is claimed to be one of the first blockchain games earning real money to its participants. 

The introduction of blockchain based games has not only benefited blockchain in terms of expanding its reach but also the gaming industry through increasing its market scope. Blockchain technologies have extensively upgraded game engines offering new heights of entertainment to game lovers. Gamers have developed a career from playing video games with very many big sports companies and clubs sponsoring them. 

Blockchain does not only have plenty of offers to gamers game developers too have the chance to get recruited to work on decentralized game development studios majorly online and get paid via a virtual currency for their efforts. Independent developers could establish studios and take on game development projects as they recruit freelance game developers who help work on the task involved in the project.
Compensating Game Developers
With the popular unchecked infringement of copyright policies common across the world, blockchain could put an end to this vice. Every game developed from a blockchain studio is marked with a unique ID which would identify the software when it is online. This will ensure pirates are not able to get their hands on works of other developers and resell them online for profits.

The game development process is a complex one with so many stages with require a variety of skills which one game developer could not possess at ago. A number of different developers can be employed to do a specific task and submit to the game project manager who could assemble the different parts of the game into one piece. These other small developers are paid through a token system run on the blockchain. 

Ordinary people with gaming ideas would also get a chance to sell their ideas to game developers as game scripts. The developer would then follow the storyline and make the game become and reality and sells to his consumers. On the other hand, ordinary people with gaming ideas could hire freelance developers who would turn their ideas into a reality.

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