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These are the top five Cryptocurrency-friendly countries!

Mar 12, 2018 Posted /  6159 Views

These are the top five Cryptocurrency-friendly countries!

Countries are accepting cryptocurrencies widely

There has certainly been an incredible growth in price along with the popularity of cryptocurrencies that no longer can it be termed as just a short-lived craze. All of the headings last year as well as at the beginning of this year haven’t been only Bitcoin but also about Ethereum along with many other Altcoins which have experienced unequaled escalation too. The cryptocurrency ICOs have developed into the important crowdfunding way used by startups to raise funds for their ventures. All around the world, the tête-à-tête seems to be about blockchain-based applications, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts. With the amount of expansion that has happened in the industry, a huge amount of attention is now being given by the Governments along with other stakeholders around the globe. Taking into consideration the unparalleled level of investment that has taken place this year, a few steps have been taken to regulate the industry. Diverse countries around the globe have adapted anecdotal strategies to hold the market. Let us have a look at the countries where cryptocurrencies are widely getting adopted. The arrangement in which these countries are listed does not point out any form of ranking in terms of the outlook to cryptocurrencies.

1. Canada

By the mid of 2016, the Canadian Central Bank was powerfully dismissing the idea of developing its own cryptocurrency. Later in August 2017 plus the approval given to Impak Coin, it became the first Canadian approved cryptocurrency. This speaks a lot about the progression in the outlook of the Canadian government towards cryptocurrencies. With the Government of their neighbors in the South is a bit unsure of their position with reference to cryptocurrency, this stir only strengthens Canada’s place as a force in the North American cryptocurrency view. Canada thus has quite a welcoming atmosphere for the cryptocurrency entrepreneurs since there are many Bitcoin Startups in the country in addition to the numerous Bitcoin ATMs.

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2. Japan

Tokyo may perhaps no longer be referred as the commercial capital of Asia however it is certainly said the cryptocurrency hub of the region. While South Korea, as well as China, are taking strict measures in defiance to the cryptocurrencies, Japan has been granted the turn to become a breeding hub for the augmentation of cryptocurrency trading in Asia.
The Government of Japan via the Payment Services Act has created a framework which makes it officially authorized to make use of cryptocurrencies for payment purposes.

3. Holland

There is an actual Bitcoin City in Holland which is an abode to hundreds of cryptocurrency merchants. This so-called Bitcoin City is situated in Arnhem furthermore it is feasible to make retail purchases at cafes and shops by means of Bitcoin. However, in Holland, there is no Government regulation on Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies. As a result, several cryptocurrency startups are based in Holland.

4. Germany

It is one of the few countries where Bitcoin is recognized as a legal currency.
There is a considerable insinuation to this acknowledgment of Bitcoin as being a legal currency in Germany. Bitcoin being lawful in Germany has had an impact on the price of Bitcoins owing to the supposed legality given to it by Government recognition. The tax laws of Germany are also encouraging towards Bitcoin with an exclusion from the 25% tax on earnings for Bitcoin that has been held for a year. Germany is also home to one of the largest Bitcoin markets in the world which in recent times has finalized plans to set up Ethereum trading into the platform.

5. Australia

While the major banks of Australia have been unfriendly towards Bitcoin, lately the country moved to eradicate double taxation on Bitcoin, which appeared as good news to the businesses and local community; mainly after some Bitcoin startups decided to go away from the country, taking into consideration the harsh taxation as well as reported bank account freezes. According to Wikipedia, Australia sorts' bitcoin as assets as well as the purchases made with bitcoin as an exchange. It is house to a lot of exchanges.

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