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The Prices of Digital Asset Prices rebound after Christmas lows.

Dec 27, 2017 Posted /  2060 Views

The Prices of Digital Asset Prices rebound after Christmas lows.

The price of bitcoin (BTC) has bounced back considerably in last 24-hour period as BTC markets recorded a high of $16,911 throughout several international exchanges. The price surge is significant from the Christmas Day rally, which averaged around $13,800-14,000 per Bitcoin.

Not only Bitcoin has rebounded but also the overall Cryptocurrency market has sufficed a force after the last week bound off. The digital assets market is witnessing huge gains ranging between 1-16% and Bitcoin core (BTC) markets are closing the day with the most substantial gains and the greatest volume in the bounce back period.

In present trading period the contributors are exchanging over $12.7 Billion worth of Bitcoin (as in the past 24-hours period). Bitcoin markets have improved by 16.2 % and the exchanges list that the market capitalization is approximately $270 Billion. This metric has increased the BTC dominance in comparison to the other digital assets by 45.8%, following which the price decrease at least 42% over the holiday weekend.

The U.S. dollar however remains the major tradable currency with Bitcoin, nonetheless the Japanese yen volumes have increased over the time. The statistics display that the USD is ruling by 38% while the yen has seized around 32% market, followed by the Korean won, tether (USDT), and the euro. However, Tether volumes have plunged radically because traders who were using USDT as protective cover are right now taking off from the market in very large numbers. Nonetheless, in the last few hours BTC prices are ranging between $16,100-$16,700.

The Industrial Factors

Bitcoin core statistics appear bullish as many changes ever since last 24 hours holiday trading period. At present, the two Simple Moving Averages (SMA)- both the short-term 100 SMA and the longer term 200 SMA have united which connotes that the leading rally might have less bearish force in the short term. The Stochastic and RSI oscillators are depicting the bullish sentiment in the markets as both pointers have witnessed an uptick.

If bulls continually wage conflict against the sell-side order books, they will meet more extensive and sizeable resistance in the $16,250-16,500 zone. It is right now being considered that anything between $16,700 and above has even thicker resistance, and it will take some force to break this area. On the backside, support is absolutely contracting, and brawny institutions can be found in three main areas including $15,500, $15,000 and even larger support around $14,500

What can be expected?

Certain skeptics are certainly not feeling positive in the last few days and are anticipating that the bears will attack in 2018 once again and in the first months only. Nonetheless, there are several individuals who are more affirmative in their approach and think the value of digital assets will be reach more all-time highs in the very beginning of the new year.

The Bear Force: The buy side is appearing much lean than the sell side, however according to the analysts it establishes a stronger force than the previous to the last ATH. Although, if bulls are not able to supervise the upward pressure which is reaching $13-14K prices then it may surface a little.

The Bull Force: Buyers have done an exceptional job rebounding from the Christmas lows, which has required a lot of effort. If bulls can manage to congregate up even more vigor, the buyers will see prices reach the $16,500 mark in the short term. However, they might have to fight harder after that.

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