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The Factors Making cryptocurrency a Major Disruption to Financial Technologies

Dec 10, 2017 Posted /  1083 Views

The Factors Making cryptocurrency a Major Disruption to Financial Technologies

Actual Store of Value

Bitcoin has emerged to become an anti censorship true store of value. Consider it like a digital gold of a kind but smarter in the essence that it’s more fungible and easier to transfer. Bitcoin has so far rallied enough people behind it who believes that it is the only true store of wealth and much more people including governments are still starting to realise the same facts. It is now unquestionable that bitcoin will remain a trusted secure true story of wealth but rather the questions is how many people will rally behind the cryptocurrency to make it become mainstream just like the US dollar or the great British Pound sterling?

Tokens for every asset in the Financial Markets

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Another major factor is the taking of the investment in financial assets by the thousands of tokens in the market. It is possible to tokenize almost everything in the financial market and conduct and Initial coin offering for it. This development is completely shifting how firms raise capital investment funds. The traditional ways of raising funds is less and less more being used with even the non tech-companies opting for ICO as the main fundraising mechanism.

In actual sense the idea is brilliant but a lot of criticism is being received from the government's on these initial coin offerings. A kind of a mutual consensus will need to be reached with the governments which of course will involve government regulation if the future of ICOs is to be be permanently secured. However most governments understand that ICO itself as a way of raising funds is not a criminal activity but rather the way it is conducted enabling it evade taxes and the people behind it. A brutal registration process for all upcoming ICO projects with a full biodata of the team members is the only few leverages that can push the government to agree to legalise ICOs. May be a custodial fund will become mandatory for the team members to pay to the government as a way of protecting the general public who contributes investment funds for the firms.

Changing the Information Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency is slated to shift entirely how information is handled beginning right from receiving or sending the information, securing it and it's safe storage. And this will not only benefit the financial markets but the entire modern civilization. A blockchain application can be deployed on every aspect of the information sector consider storage, computing, access, firewalls, Wi-Fi all run on a blockchain embedded system. One of the projects in this direction is Filecoin, a project whose ICO successfully raised $200m to disrupt storage. Although this product is not yet available to the final consumers in a few years to come, they will be.

Redefining the meaning of a Firm

Cryptocurrency is set to change how we defined a firm forever after, starting with the firms involved directly with technological services and later progressing to all kind of firms globally. Through decentralized governance and decentralized incentive systems depending on the local business conditions. The emergence of very large communities well organized to tackle projects previously created by the defects of centralization. Firms like Numerai, a decentralized hedge fund have actually taken the step ahead of progress towards the future of decentralization. An optimum environment blockchain decentralization ecosystem needs to be created to host all this future development.

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