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The Cryptocurrencies that can be termed as Vaporware

Jan 08, 2018 Posted /  4405 Views

The Cryptocurrencies that can be termed as Vaporware

‘Vaporware’ is a term, which is loosely and repeatedly used against cryptocurrency projects that have no apparent use case. Many cryptocurrency projects are being subjected to this definition as most of them are in their development stages and this kind of accusations can ruin there upgradation procedures. Essentially, these projects need time to prove themselves. We need to remember here that if one cryptocurrency is being labelled as vaporware this year, next year, it can reach the investors hope and gain as big as Ethereum. It can be concluded from the fact that a great number of cryptocurrencies are identified as vaporware, which means that most of the top cryptocurrencies too are guided as one. Nonetheless, some big gaining currencies exactly fit the definition.

The Vaporware effect

Vaporware can be elucidated as a “software or hardware that has been advertised on the market but is not so far available to buy”. This happens because this product has been either only been conceptualized and has not being implemented in a practical scenario or for the fact that it is still being written or designed. This means that about 90% of all ICOs at present, which are resorting to their tokens or preparing Whitepages to pragmatism can all be constituted as vaporware. It needs months or more truthfully years to appraise as which products can actually be summed up as the potential currencies.


Tron is a company that’s surged from nothing to gain a $13 billion valuation in under six months. In 2018 first week only the token hiked into the cryptocurrency top 10 after its market cap quadrupled in a just two days. Tron is at present commanding an $11 billion market cap, which can be considered pleasant for a company that has no product whatsoever. Not everyone is a fan though, including Monero’s Riccardo Spagni. Nonetheless, critics have remarked that Tron is basically an $11 billion whitepaper with no product and the project appears to scrounge heavily from LBRY, which commenced last May.


Verge started life as a doge fork known as dogecoin dark. Verge has come a long way as a privacy coin since then, however, the only issue is that it doesn’t appear to be very good at that. Media recently reported that a website has claimed to expose IP addresses used in verge transactions. The verge community is cynically quarrelling and debating about the correctness of the website issue, although there is no official word from Verge itself. The administrator of the site is obstinate that the data is precise, and also informs that only 2% of verge addresses use Tor, despite anonymous deep web transactions being XVG’s speciality.

The Verge team is at present operational on something called the Wraith Protocol, which followers refer in hushed tones. Whether the Wraith Protocol proves to be the knight in shining armour of privacy coins remains to be seen. Either way, it makes no difference, since the preponderance of the verge community is only concerned about using verge to contemplate on the price of the verge.


With a $25 billion market cap, Cardano is a project with a decentralised platform that permits intricate programmable transfers of value in a safe and scalable manner that could also state about the most crypto platforms. Cardano is apparently differentiated as being designed from the ‘ground up’ to deliver a protected and sustainable blockchain that can safeguard user privacy at the same time allowing for regulation. However, this fact doesn’t help a lot. Also, Cardano aspires to be an established blockchain, which is something that surely only time can apply.

Vaporware or not, decentralized cryptocurrency traditionalist aren’t persuaded by Cardano’s contention that “full anonymity can be counterproductive, as can complete lack of regulatory oversight”.


Ripple is an effusive big functioning company and one of the longest standing players in the cryptocurrency space. It’s still working on building up those all-important banking partnerships, but at least it has a service to offer. But none Ripple’s banking partners seem to be using XRP tokens for money transfer apart from one Mexican financial company that has committed. Still, ripple has enriched its early adopters, and for investors who are sitting comfortably in profit, that’s reason enough for its existence.

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