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The 8 ICOs that raised the maximum in 2016

Jul 11, 2017 Posted /  3522 Views

The 8 ICOs that raised the maximum in 2016

The 8 ICOs that raised the maximum in 2016:

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Currently, the most interesting thing in the cryptocurrency industry is the Initial Coin Offering or ICO. There are lots of ICOs happening for many cryptocurrencies as a method for fund raising and crowd funding. 2016 was one year in which many ICOs have raised very high amounts.

Applancer introduces the list of such 8 successful ICOs which raised the maximum amount in 2016:

1. The DAO ICO:

The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) was the most successful ICOs that occurred in 2016. DAO was a form of investor controlled venture capital funds. The platform was formed under the Ethereum blockchain in order to organize all the businesses and commercial enterprises together. DAO was controlled by no central authority and the code is open-source. They did their crowdfunding through a token sale in which funds were held in the Cryptocurrency Ethereum. It set the record of the largest ICO or crowdfunding in the history. When ICO ended on 28th may 2016, the Final amount raised was 11.5 million in ETH. They had a target of $500k U.S.D for the ICO and they gained $150,000,000 when ICO ended.

2. Waves platform:

WAVES is a decentralized blockchain platform focusing on custom blockchain tokens operations. National currencies transfer is maintained on the WAVES blockchain through compliant gateway operators. Waves launched their crowdfunding through an ICO. It set a record by raising 2 million in just 24 hours. They had a partnership with Mycelium wallet too. Even though Waves ICO lead to certain controversies towards the end, it was a successful ICO which raised 29,636 BTC or equivalently $16,436,095 USD. Many cryptocurrency projects are nowadays built on the Waves platform because of the simplicity and efficiency of the platform.

3. ICONOMI Digital Assets Management platform:

The ICONOMI project was one of the projects which attracted a lot of interest from cryptocurrency investors during their crowd sale. ICONOMI is a digital asset management platform based on Ethereum blockchain that allows any users in the world to create their own Data Asset Arrays and manage it accordingly. Their target was a bit high, 2000BTC or equivalently 1-2 million USD. But their investors helped them reach that amount in a short span of time. When their crowd sale ended in September 2016, they were able to reach their goal and raised $10,682,516.42 USD.

4. Golem ICO:

Golem is an open sourced, global, decentralized supercomputer built on the EThereum platform that anyone can access. It is a place where any user can make money by renting their computing power or by selling software and anyone who has the Golem token can use this computing power. This ICO has the triumph of reaching their investing goal of $8.6M in merely 29 minutes. This itself shows that people are more interested in projects like Golem and lots of investors are there to back up amazing ideas and platforms.

5. FirstBlood Crowdsale:

FirstBlood is a decentralized and automated eSports platform build on the Ethereum blockchain network that allows users to compete in online games, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter­Strike: Global Offensive, etc. “1SŦ” is the token for their platform which is the utility coin which can be used in the e-Sports platform. They raised their funds by an ICO. This was another magic coin which raised their goal of $5.5 Million USD in merely 5 minutes during the campaign. When token sale ended, they raised  465,312 ETH or equivalently $6,267,767.32 USD.

6. Lisk ICO:

Lisk is both a crypto-currency and decentralized application platform based on Bitcoin. As a crypto-currency, it provides a digital money network and decentralized and secure payment system. The Lisk decentralized application platform allows the monetary applications and side chains in the Lisk platform. The Lisk platform has seen its fair share of success, during the ICO phase. $5.8 million USD was raised during the ICO. Many investors were very much interested in the project. Ever since the launch, the team has been actively working on adding improvements to the project and its wallet. A total of 101,000 BTC remains under their control, according to a recent Twitter update.

7. DigixDAO Crowdsale:

DigixDAO crowd sale offered DGD tokens where each DGD token entitles you to an apportioned return on DGX (first gold standard token on the Ethereum platform) transactional volume in the form of DGX tokens. The DGD token holder also gets a pledging say on the projects built around the DGX transactional system and there's a majority rule applied to release funds for business expenses paid to peripherals. The sale concluded in a mere 12 hours as the maximum was reached. Their goal of ICO was to raise $500K USD. When the crowd sale ended on 30th March 2016, $5,500,000 USD was raised totally.

8. Synereo ICO:

Synereo is a decentralized computation and hosting platform based on blockchain technology, which allows Web-Applications to exist without centralized servers, which is otherwise not possible. The native currency of the platform is the AMP tokens which are commonly used for all the functionalities in the Synereo platform. Synereo raised over $4.7M USD, selling AMPs in the ICO that was ended on 18th October 2016.

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