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Survey: Only less than 9 percent of bitcoin and crypto traders are females and rest are all males.

May 17, 2018 Posted /  2252 Views

 Survey: Only less than 9 percent of bitcoin and crypto traders are females and rest are all males.

As per the recent demographics survey it has been seen that only a few women are investing in cryptocurrencies which is about 8.5%  are bitcoin traders. As per the market analysis was done for the social investing network and the multi-asset brokage etoro according to their reacher which will help in understanding the investors of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. They have to know the investments of cryptocurrencies based on their age, gender and job sector.

In the crypto market, there has been seen lack of female traders. According to their survey, only 8.5% are female in the crypto market who invest and the rest 91.5% are men. This imbalance may be because of there already exist an imbalance in the finance and technology centre.

But the interesting fact is as per research there is the difference in trading of cryptocurrency as per preference.

It has been seen that apart from BTC which has 0% gender difference rest all have a difference such as a ripple and XRP are mostly preferred by females whereas ETH, LTC and BCH are usually preferred on the male side. As per the reports at Etoro that women love to invest in ripple.

But this gender imbalance has become a topic of discussion in the recent time as the crypto world is somewhere is dominated by the males and the next that there has been less involvement of women in this area, which is considered as a bad sign. According to the experts, their cant is growth or security of this currency which shows such extreme ratios of gender imbalance which will not help them to sustain in the long run, as it needs equal gender contribution.

The other reason is less involvement of female investors because women are not ready to accept its volatile and risky nature, are they are too cautious while investing in any thoughts of an asset which has been a reason to lag them behind and which has helped the male population to outperform here.

Lack of role models in this market there is seen there are less female investors who can influence other women to invest in cryptos.  But there exist one of a female role model in this sector is Oris Valiente she entered this male dominant industry in the year 2014 and  she was the core component of the organisation she was working in Accenture global blockchain innovation division she is creating an influence to other females to enter into this industry so that this imbalance can be reduced in the near future. This has helped in a certain way recently about 13% of women have headed the largest ICO.

Oris is not herself coming out and encouraging other women to come into this field by sharing her personal experience and explaining about the crypto world and awarding them about the opportunities and she has convicted may women also.

This debate will continue till a long run as it is in a bubble form now as it needs to convince women to invest in and it will so happen that women will have greater involvement in this sector but it still needs time to completely remove this imbalance but it will happen gradually with time.

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