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Ryan Gosling Listed As A Graphic Designer In An ICO Scam

Mar 05, 2018 Posted /  2934 Views

Ryan Gosling Listed As A Graphic Designer In An ICO Scam

A brand new Initial Coin Offering (ICO), MIROSKII with buzzwords "banking without bankers" looks like regular fundraising campaign with cryptocurrency experts team working on an innovative theme. Everything seems quite usual on the website unless you discover a familiar face in the team section. Is that Ryan Gosling? But the below-mentioned name suggests that he is Kevin Belanger.

Kevin is an "[e]xperienced graphic designer with a clear focus on identities and illustration." The designer looks a lot like Ryan Gosling, or we should say that the website is actually using a stock image of the actor.

Now the confusion is whether the Canadian actor is working on an ICO or is it a scam? Undoubtedly it is a Scam!

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For the readers not aware of ICO, it is an Initial Coin Offering platform where investors put their money on a cryptocurrency after analyzing the concept behind the technology. On finding it legitimate, the potential buyers place their money on the idea and enjoy benefits of early investment.

MIROSKII is also an ICO which is entirely fake. As per the website, the self-proclaimed Decentralized bank has collected $13,000,000 worth of MRC coins. Most probably the presented funds are not legitimate, but there is no way to verify the same.

Initially, the ICO scam was disclosed by a Twitter user  @CryptoShillNye, and the news was later on promoted by the founder of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer.

As per Cnet research reports, almost everyone mentioned as advisors and team on the webpage of MIROSKII is fake.

“I'm still google-image-searching, but so far all advisors/team portraits on that site are fake. Billion dollar business idea: Do this publicly, for all shitcoin websites.” – Twitted by Claus Wahlers

Perry Henderson is listed on the site as a “Successful entrepreneur, ICO, and Blockchain enthusiast. CEO and Partner of multiple online companies.” But as per research reports, he is a Texas-based real-estate agent.  Another team member,  Mark Anderson, in reality, is Christopher Cane. The real name of Craig Gulledge is Peter Roper and works as a Business Developer. Joel Hermann is listed as “Founder of Mysterium Network a Decentralized Network of VPN Nodes. Huge technology fan.”  But in reality, he is a practicing lawyer based in New York. Most of the profile pictures are taken from stock images.

From the research as mentioned above, the ICO does not seem legitimate. The Cnet team tried to connect to members of MIROSKII through social media and have not received any response yet, neither we expect that such thing would happen.

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