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Russian Supreme Court to Review ban on Bitcoin informative sites

Mar 07, 2018 Posted /  2244 Views

Russian Supreme Court to Review ban on Bitcoin informative sites

In recent years Cryptocurrency industry has flourished immensely and is all set to become a mainstream payment mode. However, not only does the industry found itself blooming each day, but the information and news flow from the sector is also increasing with the time. Interestingly, in Russia, an appeal has been made to review against the banning of popular cryptocurrency analytical portal- The petition has been accepted and taken up by the highest authority in Russia- Supreme Court and it is likely that any decision from the highest Court will affect the future of dozens of crypto-websites with restricted access and also informative foreign platforms.  

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An Exemplary Decision

The appeal was made by the lawyers from the Roskomsvoboda project and the Center for Digital Rights law, who requested for reviewing the judgment pertaining blocking of The application was issued by a local court in Saint Petersburg in 2016. Additionally, the group of lawyers is also fighting against the proposed restrictions on access to the leading Finland-based peer-to-peer exchange platform According to experts, whatever decision is taken by the most powerful judicial authority, it will become a criterion for the entire cryptocurrency sector in Russia.

Notably, this is one of first cassation appeal against the blocking of the cryptocurrency related sources, which will be reviewed by the Supreme Court of Russia. The information about the case was given to RBC by Darbinyan, leading lawyer of “Roskomsvoboda.” The appeal was filed on February 16, and the court will re-evalauet the matter on March 21, 2018. The Vyborgsky District Court gave the judgment to restrict access to in Russia’s Northern Capital.

In another noteworthy event, the local court in Oktyabrsky District forbade more than 40 websites that were offering erudition on cryptocurrencies and exchange services in Russia. Nonetheless, the decision made by the Oktyabrsky Court was recently upheld by the City Court of Saint Petersburg. The Prosecutor’s Office demanded the proposition and adhering to effectively restricted access to the internet platforms. At the same time, the judges were quoted by the local media saying that the dissemination of information concerning bitcoin and the application of cryptocurrencies was prohibited in the Russian Federation.

To Roskomnadzor is upheld as the third party in this unique case and the Supreme Court of Russia subpoenaed the regulatory agency. Roskomnadzor was also summoned by the court because the Federal service is responsible for the supervision of communications, information technology, and mass media. Also, the agency holds the highest order when it comes to blacklisting of websites in the country.  

In June 2016, the Vyborgsky District Court after reviewing the matter decided to block It said that the providing information about the “electronic currency” bitcoin, “a virtual means of payment and accumulation,” infringes the stipulations made in the law “On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation,” the court’s decision was read. Moreover, the order read that such kind of information “undermines the constitutional order and authority” in Russia and “the foundations of the material welfare of citizens.”

After careful listing of the information, the judges had asserted that the website had been violating the rights and lawful interests of persons who had access to illegal information and therefore was subject to restraint.

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