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Russian Bitcoin Blogger Beaten and Looted after releasing video about his wealth

Feb 10, 2018 Posted /  2627 Views

Russian Bitcoin Blogger Beaten and Looted after releasing video about his wealth

A 24-year-old Internet blogger from St. Petersburg named Pavel Nyashin who blogged about his wealth in cryptocurrency, was beaten and robbed of nearly 24 million rubles in his Leningrad area home. The news was reported by forklog who told exactly about the whole incident which took place with Nyashin.

Earlier Nyashin had even declared about the house where he kept his crypto holdings. The local police are investigating the incident while the Internet blogger has been hospitalized after the attack. He said one of the robbers was not wearing a mask and he remembers how he looks like.

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Reportedly, Nyashin was also running a YouTube channel with the name "Kryptach" and had posted a video and shared on the social media in which he taught people about bitcoin trading on the exchanges.

The series of unfortunate incidents

Nyashin said that the robbers were wearing a New Year's masks and hit him hard in his eye with the pistol. They had beforehand tied him up and then tied his friend on the second floor. Then they reached a safe containing the equivalent of 24 million rubles and important documents. They also tried for its computer where he was trading for his bitcoins.

He further told the media that the thieves destroyed all his home appliances and computers before leaving his house in a Mercedes. Sometime after the attack, a stranger contacted him and told him that he wants Nyashin to invest and trade on his behalf in cryptocurrencies. Nyashin suggested that he feels the individual could be one of the robbers.     

It is unknown to everyone and the police are also investigating as to how the robbers discovered about Nyashin’s home address. Nonetheless, he had shown his apartment in one of his videos and he exclaimed that he does not know if the robbers have comprehended out how to get into his blogger’s account or to obtain his cryptocurrency.

Nyashin is not the only one

Nyashin is not the first cryptocurrency expert to be targeted by criminals. Pavel Lerner also faced some similar incidents. He is an analyst at EXMO LLP and a “blockbuster” expert. Lerner was abducted by armed men waiting for him near his office in Kiev. The kidnappers, however, ultimately released Lerner, who has been connected in a number of startups related to cryptocurrencies, on Dec. 29 after a ransom of $1 million worth of bitcoin was paid for his release.

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