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Russian Billionaire Names his Vodka labels Bitcoin and Ethereum as Trademark

Oct 28, 2017 Posted /  4566 Views

Russian Billionaire Names his Vodka labels Bitcoin and Ethereum as Trademark

Cryptocurrency Names on Vodka Bottles

It’s not the first time that a cryptocurrency has been stamped on an alcoholic beverage bottle, recently a businessman in the United state from Florida created a brand of rum called EthereRum. Dubbed from the name of the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, Mr. Avi Aisenberg said that EthereRum is distilled using the heat produced during Bitcoin Mining. Troitsky believes his line of Cryptocurrency vodkas will face mockery at the start but he is sure with the right Business Interventions put in place the Brands will finally achieve a commercial success. Majority of readers online Bitcoin forum responded to the news commenting that it’s a bad joke rather than a business idea. One ready commented illustrating someone ordering for a Bitcoin vodka over the counter of a top-notch city bar. Never the with the attention Bitcoin is garnered Brands triggered with Bitcoin names on it might soon become the next top-selling products all over the world.

Drinking a ‘Money’ Label

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum classic are the world's leading cryptocurrency with amazingly high conversion rates to the US dollars. Dmitry has a vision of creating a line of high-quality vodka brands with names derived from these three Biggest most popular cryptocurrencies. Troitsky recently submitted his filing with the Russian Trademark office to give me enough time to get all the legal requirements arrange before bringing his vodka to the bars. However, the Russian government has just given some green light to cryptocurrency in Russia. This was through a  recent consensus between the different administrative centers in the country to regulate cryptocurrency in Russia. Troitsky believes that these three new labels will attract attention to his line of Alcoholic Beverage Business. He believes that the three names are the most high-level appealing names for Branding his new line of Vodkas. Imagine going to a bar and asking the attendant for a shot of Bitcoin and two Ethereum for your friends. Funny enough there is also a brand of ethereum Classic Vodka probably it will become the most favorite crypto-Vodka in the bar.

Possible Markets

In many countries, the sales of alcoholic beverages lead in terms of total sale volume in major shopping malls and Nightclubs.  With the majority of buyers being in the youthful age who are well versed with advancement in technology. Depending on taste and quality issues which affect choices among buyers of Alcoholic Beverages, the vodkas are destined to becoming leading Brands in the industry. With big names already with an established market in the industry, the cryptocurrency vodka brands will need to catch the taste of customers. Effective advertisement targeting cryptocurrency online forums could be a good start for the company.

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